A winter fiction reading with award-winning authors Hilary Plum and Susan Steinberg

a logo for LBC group 3Join award-winning authors Hilary Plum and Susan Steinberg 2-4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12,, as they present a winter fiction reading at 100 Strong Hall. This free event is LBC-approved and brought to students by Go to EMU's Creative Writing page.

The Creative Writing Program's BathHouse Reading Series features writers and artists performing and discussing their works. The BathHouse series showcases innovative approaches to writing, improvised and interactive performances, exhibits, collaborations, and discussions on the role of art in contemporary life. 

The Wednesday event features:

Hilary Plum

Hilary Plum is the author of the novel Strawberry Fields, winner of the Fence Modern Prize in Prose (2018); the work of nonfiction Watchfires (2016). She teaches at Cleveland State University and is associate director of the CSU Poetry Center.

Susan Steinberg

Susan Steinberg is the author of Machine, Spectacle, Hydroplane, and The End of Free Love. She is the recipient of a United States Artists Fellowship, a National Magazine Award, and a Pushcart Prize. She teaches at the University of San Francisco.

About BathHouse

The name, "BathHouse," connotes hybridity and history, recalling the 19th-century sanatoriums, bathhouses, and mineral water wells that flourished in Ypsilanti, Michigan at the turn of the century. The "foul smelling" waters of the Atlantis well—in the vicinity of the current Jones-Goddard dorm on the EMU campus—were bottled and shipped nationwide and touted as a cure for 33 disorders of the blood, until the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. It also shares its name with BathHouse Journal the Creative Writing Program's online journal of hybrid literary art and hypermedia, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinarity and innovation.

All BathHouse Events are LBC-approved, FREE and open to the public. For information on the BathHouse Reading Series, contact Christina-Marie Sears in the EMU English Department 734.487.4220 or [email protected].