A Message from Dr. Joseph Csicsila, Department Head

Welcome Back!

I want to welcome everyone back to EMU for Fall Semester 2023. While we continue to offer a variety of online and hybrid formats, the majority of our classes in the Department of English have returned to in-person instruction. Therefore, I’d to provide a general overview of departmental programming and a little information about where to go and whom to see if you have any questions or concerns.

7 Ways to Major in English

First, the department is excited to present an entirely revised and updated set of majors that were instituted in Fall of 2020. This includes Children’s Literature, Creative Writing, English Education, Linguistics, Literature, and Professional Writing. The only departmental major that will continue as it has for the last few years is Public Relations. All said, there are now 7 ways to major in English at EMU. We’ve put together a two-page advising sheet for all 7 majors, there will be copies in the English department office or you can print a copy of the document. (No need to panic if you’re part-way through one of the older sets of requirements! Those majors and their classes will still be offered.) Please email me or a department adviser if you’d like clarification about the new majors and/or how they differ from the older ones. 

Reach Out, I'm Here for YOU

Next, if anyone has questions or experiences any difficulties related to classes offered by the English Department, I would invite you either to email me at [email protected] or drop by to see me in-person. My office is 612 Pray-Harrold. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We are all excited for the new year and the opportunities that lie before us.

We’re all in this together. Everyone in the English Department is committed to your success.

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon,
Dr. Joseph Csicsila
Department of English