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Literature major and minor

In EMU's Literature program you have the opportunity to explore in depth some of the world's greatest literary works, broaden your literary horizons and reflect on your own place in the world. Our goal is not merely to produce scholars of literature, but to give students a sense of the power of the humanities to reflect and shape culture. Students leave our program with ample skills for a variety of professions, including fields such as publishing, the law, teaching and communications.

EMU's Literature faculty bring diverse experiences to the classroom and are globally educated, with international faculty from Canada, Germany and Serbia, as well as faculty who have trained in countries ranging from Switzerland to Jamaica. They are also award-winning scholars and teachers, receiving EMU Distinguished Faculty Awards in all teaching and research categories. Our program offers a highly personalized learning experience. We keep class sizes small to encourage faculty-student mentoring. As our faculty members learn about your aspirations, they can help create a learning experience that matches your interests. Thanks to successful mentoring, our undergraduate students present their work regularly at regional and national conferences and routinely win major academic awards and fellowships.


In addition to the core curriculum, we regularly offer cutting-edge courses on special literary and cultural topics. For example, LITR 450: Major Authors and LITR 480: Studies in Literature and Culture are taught by a variety of faculty, on topics that rotate each semester.

LITR 450 will give you an opportunity for an in-depth study of authors and artists ranging from John Milton, Mark Twain, Louise Erdrich, The Brontes, Jane Austen, Sigmund Freud and Alfred Hitchcock, to Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Recent LITR 480 topics have included "Hollywood Science Fiction," " Cannibalism, Consumerism and Cultures of Cruelty," "Antiwar Literature," "Metamorphosis, Mutation and Monstrosity," and "Avantgarde Literature."

Course Descriptions

For information on recent and upcoming undergraduate courses, visit our course descriptions page.

Study Abroad

Our popular study abroad courses give students opportunities to study African American expatriate literature as they explore Paris or study Shakespeare while watching a performance at the Globe Theater in London. To learn more about studying literature while traveling, visit Academic Programs Abroad.

Career Opportunities

Our program is renowned for its collaborative atmosphere, in which faculty help students explore professional goals and intellectual interests. Perhaps more than any other major, English provides an amazing variety of career paths and opportunities. Our graduates pursue careers in education, law, journalism, social media, advertising, public relations, cultural institutions, film and theater, community advocacy, the non-profit sector, web development and design, and entertainment. On our career page, you can read recent studies which show that English majors are successful and desirable in the current job market.