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FDC Program Funding Proposal

About Program Proposals

The Program Proposal Application is out now!

Program Proposal Winter 2023 is due Monday, November 21, 2022 at 5 PM

The Bruce K. Nelson Faculty Development Center is pleased to invite proposals for significant programming activities during the upcoming Winter semester.  Our budget provides funding for such activities, and we are grateful to the Office of the Provost for their generous supplement to this funding.  We are able to fund a range of proposals that can make a difference in the teaching and learning environment at EMU.  

FDC programs come from the grassroots: many seminars and workshops are inspired by faculty and lecturers and facilitated by faculty and lecturers. Programs sponsored by the FDC are also centered on the goals put forth in the University Strategic Plan.

All applications are reviewed by the Faculty Development Center Advisory Council (FDCAC). After submitting your application, the FDC Director will review with you the results of the FDCAC discussion.

We are seeking proposals for sustained learning communities or seminars, or for a more involved series of workshops, or for hosting a significant one-time event (such as bringing in a prominent speaker).  We anticipate awarding up to $5000 per program, which can include an honorarium for a facilitator or speaker, honoraria for participants, supplies, travel expenses, etc.  This funding can enable you to make a meaningful commitment of time and resources, enabling participants to learn together, develop new skills, collaborate, and innovate.  Securing matching funds would be considered positively in evaluating proposals.

All faculty, lecturers and staff are eligible to submit a Program Request Form.  The beneficiaries of the program must be primarily faculty and/or lecturers.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, we will welcome the chance to talk more with you about it. Please don't hesitate to be in touch as you are working on the application.

Program Proposal Application Winter 2023.

Example Budget for a Seminar 

Honoraria (10 participants X $300 each)
Facilitation ($1,500 sum for facilitators)
Honoraria Benefits (8% of honorarium total)

Questions or concerns? Contact us at [email protected]  

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