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To report a crime or incident that is in progress, pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call 734.487.1222 or 911

Safety Tips

Personal Safety

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Keep your eyes up and looking around when walking, not down at a phone.
    • Take out headphones when out and about.
    • Always take note of your exits. The door you came in may not be the closest door to you in an emergency.
  • Trust your instincts. If it doesn't look or feel right, it might not be.
  • Show confidence. Head and eyes up, shoulders back, walk naturally and like you know where you are going.
  • Walk with a friend. Don’t walk alone, especially at night.
  • Avoid alleys, short cuts & vacant lots. Stick to well-lighted, busy streets.
  • Be familiar with the locations of campus emergency telephones. They are located inside the main entrances to most buildings on campus and outdoors across campus.
  • Sign up for emergency text alerts.
  • If you are being followed, abruptly change directions, stay in a well-lighted area, and seek safety in a public building.
  • Do not give money or other items requested to solicitors.
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited visitors.
  • Report all strange or questionable activities or encounters with individuals to the Police Department.
  • To report an emergencies, on campus, from a cellular telephone call 734.487.1222. From a land line call 911.
  • Place a courtesy call, advising of your location, to the EMU Police Department when entering EMU facilities after normal business hours (734.487.1222).

Residence Halls

  • Lock your door even if you are only leaving for a minute or just taking a brief nap.
  • Keep your Eagle ID card and room key secured. Immediately report stolen or missing Eagle ID & keys to Housing Services and Campus Police. Do not share your card or key with anyone.
  • Secure your valuables. Keep money, wallets, jewelry, handbags or other valuables out of sight.
  • Do not prop open building doors or admit persons you don't know into campus buildings.
  • Immediately report suspicious persons or activity to the Police Department. Report any strangers loitering in or around resident halls.

Online Safety

  • Use discretion when posting online. Remember:
    • Once you post something online, you can’t take it back.
    • What you post could have a larger “audience” than you think (family, friends, professors, strangers, employers and more)
  • Use strong passwords, include numbers, letters and symbols. Change passwords often. Don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  • Keep your web camera covered when you are not using it.
  • Think before you click, post or type. Learn more about Cyber Security Awareness.
  • Protect personal information. In 2017 Consumer Reports found reported identity thefts among college students were up 20%.

Fraud Protection

Protect your belongings

Most thieves take advantage of easy opportunities to steal what they want. Please don’t make it easy for them.

  • Always lock your door. This includes not propping your door.  Even if you are leaving “for just a minute” secure your door. It takes less than a minute for someone to come in and take your valuables.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended, again even for a minute.
  •  Working out? Put your belonging in a locker and lock it.
  • Always lock up your bike. U-locks tend to be the strongest.
  •  Register your bike with the EMU Police Department. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Contact the Community Relations Officer at 734.487.0987 or [email protected] or see your Area Police Officer to make an appointment.
  • Report lost or stolen Eagle ID cards immediately. We can deactivate the card so no one else can use it to gain entry to buildings.

Using a Lyft/Uber

  • Plan ahead. Before you request a ride, think about where you’re headed and review the safety features in the app so you know how to use them.
  • Request your ride inside. Avoid spending unnecessary time outside alone with your phone in your hand. Instead, wait indoors until the app shows your driver has arrived.
  • Get in the right car. Before you get in the car, check that license plate, driver photo, and driver name all match what’s listed in the app.
  • Be a backseat rider. If you’re riding alone, sit in the backseat. This ensures you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic, and it gives you and your driver some personal space.
  • Buckle up. The Centers for Disease Control reports that seatbelt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries related to car accidents.
  • Share your trip details with a friend. While in route, tap “Share status” in the app to share your driver’s name, photo, license plate, and location with a friend or family member. They can track your trip and see your estimated arrival time.
  • Protect your personal information. There’s no need to share your phone number or other contact information with your driver. If a rider and driver need to contact each other, the app automatically anonymizes both phone numbers to protect everyone’s privacy.
  • Trust your instincts and use your best judgment. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t get in the vehicle. If you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

When Traveling

  • Make sure family and friends know your departure and arrival times, where you are staying, and the telephone numbers and address of where to reach you. Set regular check-in times, follow-through with them.
  • Make a copy of all personal information including Picture ID, Credit Cards and Passports (take copies with you). Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Close the door securely whenever you are in your room and use all the locking devices provided.
  • Check to see that any sliding glass doors or windows and any connecting room doors are locked.
  • Do not bring strangers back to your hotel room.
  • Don't answer the door in a hotel or motel room without verifying who it is. Look through the peep-hole before opening the door. If a person claims to be an employee, call the front desk and ask if someone from the staff is supposed to have access to your room and for what purpose.
  • Use the main entrance of the hotel when returning to your hotel late in the evening.
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and stairwells.
  • Do not leave valuables in your room, if you must, use the hotel safe.
  • Trust your instincts. Do not assume new people have your best interest at heart.
  • Do not walk alone. Plan with your friends to look after one another especially when drinking. Always stay with your group.
  • Not consuming alcohol is the best option. If you are going to drink, plan ahead on how much you will drink, and don’t drink to excess. Only drink with people you know and trust. Remember you are likely in a place in which you are not familiar so compromising your awareness is not a safe option.
  • Immediately seek medical assistance if someone in your group becomes intoxicated. Never leave them alone.
  • Know the laws regarding possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs (drinking laws at traveled destinations may differ from U.S. State laws).
  • Be careful not to disclose too much personal information.
  • Don't needlessly display guest room keys in public or carelessly leave them on restaurant tables, at the swimming pool, or in places where they can easily be stolen.
  • Don't draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the hotel management.

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