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Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

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To report a crime or incident that is in progress, pick up a blue-light emergency phone or call 734.487.1222 or 911


Uniformed Patrol

Police services are provided 24 hours a day, every day. Police officers patrol by car, bicycle, and on foot to maintain high profile, proactive, and preventive public safety services. Those services include responding to emergency calls, investigating crimes, enforcing criminal and vehicle codes, investigating traffic collisions, community policing, and managing security and safety for the many special events that occur on campus.

Bicycle Unit

EMU PD bicycle patrol officers and sergeants are certified by the International Police Mountain Bicycle Association (IPMBA).  Officer utilize specialized mountain bicycles to conduct highly visible patrol on and around campus, as well as during special events. Officers in the bicycle patrol unit enjoy the mobility of traveling through areas not easily covered by a traditional vehicle patrol. The bicycle unit is capable of performing most duties performed by officers in patrol vehicles, including answering reports of crimes, responding to medical requests, and even conducting traffic control. During the IPMBA certification, officers attend an intense training school to learn practical skills for policing while on bicycle patrol, including crowd control, lethal force, suspect pursuit, and specialized training in how to ride through difficult terrain.

The EMU PD utilizes the bicycle unit for outreach programs throughout the community, including an annual bicycle safety event open to anyone in the community, where officers discuss safety, register bicycles, and provide free equipment checks.

Area Police Officers

The Area Police Officers (APOs) are officers specifically assigned to the residence halls with the goals of fostering positive community relationships and crime prevention. In addition, APOs conduct criminal investigations and enforce the student code of conduct. APOs can be seen walking the halls and engaging with students, presenting educational material to students and staff, responding to calls for service and attending community events. The APO offices are located in Downing Residence Hall, Hoyt Residence Hall, and Putnam Residence Hall.

Officer McGill-Walton, Putnam, Phelps, Sellers, and Pittman-734.487.8096

Metro SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team

The EMU Police Department participates in the Washtenaw Metro SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team, which is a collaborative regional tactical team with other police agencies in Washtenaw County. Assigned officers have advanced training in special weapons and tactics. Utilization of the Washtenaw Metro SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team may include anti-sniper tactics, anti-terrorist tactics, barricaded subjects, and apprehension of armed and/or dangerous persons, executions of search warrants, crisis situations, hostage rescue operations, dignitary protection, and other situations which may require special training and expertise.

Community Action Team

The Community Action Team (CAT) is a street level enforcement task force comprised of Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies and an EMU PD officer. CAT is operated by the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, and addresses quality of life issues, gang activity, weapons offenses, drug activity, and other major crimes in Ypsilanti Township, Ypsilanti City, and densely populated student areas in and around the campus.

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