Eastern Michigan University
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The table below provides information about the completion status students who entered the program during the 2011-12 academic year.

2011-12 Student Cohort


Initially Enrolled

Graduated within 2 years

Graduated within 3 years

Graduated within 4 years

Total Students Graduated and Persisting to Graduation

Total Number of Students in Cohort






Note: This table resembles one required by NASPAA as part of its accreditation process. Student information reported in the four columns on time to completion are cumulative, meaning that the numbers shown in “Graduated within 3 years” include students who completed within 2 years plus those who graduated within 3 years. Similarly, numbers shown in “Graduated within 4 years” include students who completed within 2 years, within 3 years, and within 4 years.

In the 2011-12 admissions cohort, a total of 15 students graduated; 5 students took more than 4
years to graduate.