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Vehicles that are owned by EMU utilize the Wright Express fuel card program. The Wright Express card is accepted nationwide by fuel companies (i.e.: BP, Marathon, Citgo, etc.). There are over 60 gas stations in the Ypsilanti area and over 5000 in the State of Michigan that accept this card. If you are traveling out of state, please contact the Logistics Department to request a list of the accepting gas stations on the route and in the area you are traveling to. You may also call the 800 number found on the back of the fuel card or use the fuel app Octane on your smart phone.

A fuel card will be issued for each EMU owned vehicle. Each approved driver will be issued a four digit pin number. The driver will swipe the fuel card for that vehicle; enter the pin number and the current mileage before fueling the vehicle. The card is authorized for fuel and oil, emergency road service, and if directed by the University's mechanic, Quick Lubes and part and services for University owned vehicles only.

To add an EMU owned vehicle to the fueling program, please complete the Fuel Card Request form which can be found on the right hand panel under quick links.

To add a driver to the vehicle fuel program, please complete the Driver Authorization Code request form which can also be found on the right hand panel under quick links. These forms can also be found on the Business and Finance Forms Tab.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Department Head and the Logistics Department or call Wright Express at 800.492.0669 (if after working hours).

This fuel card program does not pertain to the State leased vehicles.