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Vendor Block

  • If you know the Vendor Code, or Smart ID for your vendor, enter it into the Vendor field and press the Tab on your keyboard.
  • If you do not know the Vendor Code, scroll down to Vendor Search below. Adding a New Vendor: If you are unable to locate the correct vendor code, simply type the vendor name into the Description field and Purchasing will locate the correct code.
  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar once you have found your vendor code.

Vendor Search

  • Click on the Vendor Search button.
  • In the pop-up box, click on the Entity Name/ID Search (FTIIDEN) link. This will open the FTIIDEN form.
  • On the FTIIDEN form, enter a search term for the vendor name in the Last Name field, with the wildcard character (%) before and after the search term. (Example: %Fisher%) Note: Capitalize the first letter of each search term.
  • Type AVND in the Type field. This will limit your search to active vendors.
  • Click on the Execute Query button in the toolbar to perform your search.
  • You will get a list of search results. If you don't get any results, broaden your search term. If you don't get the correct result, alter your search term.
  • Once you have found your vendor, double-click on that vendor listing to select it. You will return to the FPAREQN screen.
  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar. Note: If your vendor is not in the system, see Adding a New Vendor at the top of this page.