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Accounting Block

Note:  If you want to charge your requisition to more than one FOAPAL string, contact Purchasing (487.1200) before completing your req.

Your cursor will automatically appear in the COA (Chart of Accounts) field that will be populated with the letter “E”.  Tab over two times until your cursor is in the Fund field.  Enter the designated fund.

Press the Tab key twice to the Acct Code field (code that defines the type of purchase), in this example, 3020 is used for Computer Hardware. The Account Code will determine where the charge will show up in your budget.  The account code description should match the item description in the requisition as closely as possible.

The Program Code will automatically populate.

Press the Tab key until it reaches the Extended Amount field below the Accounting Line.  Once in the Extended Amount field, click the next arrow.   

Screen1The amount will populate in the next screen.