Admissions Information for students attending Early/Middle College

Eastern Michigan University welcomes applicants from early/middle college programs. We view early/middle college students as invaluable assets to our student body and give them the opportunity to take advantage of all first year benefits (scholarships, orientation, housing, etc.) while allowing them to transfer credit based on university equivalency. This page outlines specific areas where you may have questions.

*If you have obtained dual enrollment credit but not as part of an early/middle college program, please see our transfer equivalency guide to find out which credits transfer.

Applying as a First-Year Student

EMU considers all students who participate in early/middle college programs as first-year students. This means that while you have obtained credit, and possibly even an Associate’s Degree, you will receive all benefits and must meet all requirements of an incoming first-year student.

*To be considered a first-year student, all college credits must be earned during the same time as the student is pursuing their high school diploma. If credit is earned after high school graduation prior to enrolling at EMU, you are considered a transfer student.

Admissions Criteria

EMU considers early/middle college students using the same criteria and policies that apply to all incoming first-year students.

Along with your application for admission, the following official documents are required to be considered for admission at EMU:

  • Official High School Transcript (if applicable)
  • Official Early/Middle College Transcript
  • Official College Transcript
  • Official ACT/SAT Scores

All grades and credits from various levels of education will be combined to calculate a single cumulative GPA that will be used for admission.

Scholarship Eligibility

Early/middle college students are eligible for consideration for ALL first-year scholarships should they might criteria. Initial merit scholarship eligibility is based on the calculated cumulative GPA at the time of admission, as well as ACT or SAT scores.  Competitive awards, such as the Presidential Scholarship, may have additional requirements. Complete details for all first-year scholarships can be found at

Transferring Credit

EMU is an extremely transfer-friendly institution. You’ve worked hard and we try to recognize that. If you’d like to see which credits will transfer, please visit our Transfer website. Here, you can see our transfer policy and use our Transfer Equivalency Tool to determine which credits will transfer to EMU.


Early/Middle College students, like all other first year students, are required to either, live on campus during their first year OR commute from home, where they live with a parent or guardian. Additionally, that home must be within 50 miles of EMU’s campus.

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