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Fish Lake

Located in Lapeer, Mich., the Kresge Environmental Center offers you graduate or undergraduate credits in an accelerated format. The Center, 90 miles from EMU's main campus, is nestled within 240 acres of fields, woodlands and wetlands. It's adjacent to the 5,070-acre Lapeer State Game Area and provides an extraordinary diversity of ecological communities and habitats characteristic of southern and central Michigan.

Get a chance to learn with fellow educators and biologists in one of EMU's most unique educational environments.

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Facilities include classrooms, laboratories, a dining hall and a dormitory. The dorm is divided into men's and women's wings separated by a lounge including a brick fireplace. Each wing has two large sleeping areas and a loft. Each sleeping area is divided by partitions into four open rooms containing two bunks. Bedding and toiletries are not provided. Capacity: 60 adults or up to 80 children with a minimum of 20 people required. A modern dining hall provides meals for both resident and day students. Cost is available upon request.

Geology and Habitats

Geologically the area is an interlobate or kettle-moraine region. Such areas typically exhibit a great variety of continental glacial features within relatively small areas. Therefore it is possible to find both wet and dry kettles, recessional moraines, till plains, outwash plains, kames and an esker on or very near the site.

Because of the diverse topography and the location of the center near the border of southern and northern Michigan climatic zones, an unusual variety of interesting biota is available for study. Many large and small lakes of various water types, several streams and the Flint River are within easy reach for aquatic studies. Both a tamarack bog on the site and a spruce bog nearby offer interesting study possibilities. Terrestrial communities are equally diverse and range from old field through oak-hickory forest. A number of temporary ponds are to be found both in the open and in wooded areas. Typical cedar swamps with ground hemlock and a diverse orchid population are located nearby. Even a few of the original (pre-lumbering) pines and hemlocks can be found scattered on the site. Such a rich area cannot be detailed adequately here, but those who wish to study and observe the diversity of the life to be found in Michigan will not be disappointed.

Interested in Renting our Facilities at Fish Lake?

The cost depends on number of nights, meals and size/type of group (school camp or weekend retreat). Sample costs (for reference only, actual costs vary):
  • 20 to 44 adults staying two nights with five meals: $56/person
  • 45 to 75 students, staying four nights with 13 meals: $119/person

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Marianne M. Laporte, Ph.D.
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