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Student Travel Funds

Whether you're a current, returning or prospective student at Eastern Michigan University, the College of Arts and Sciences welcomes you and your interest in becoming part of our student community. 

CAS is one of the most vast and diverse Colleges at EMU, currently boasting more than 125 programs of study. These programs range from biology, psychology, math and geography to world languages, computer science, art and criminology--reflecting not only the diversity of our faculty, staff, students and their interests, but also the range of research, resources and knowledge our College has to offer. 

Those who graduate with degrees from CAS often enter field-related jobs in business, industry, government and community agencies: fields full of opportunity for promising individuals. 

Please take the time to consider our many departments as you move forward with your academic career. 

The College is pleased to offer some funding support for student travel related to research and creative activity:

Student Travel Fund Guidelines

Team Participation - Student Travel Fund Guidelines

International Travel Request

Undergraduate Research Stimulus Award

The Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program (URSP) is intended to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and faculty. Student awardees will receive a $2,000 fellowship in support of their research efforts. This award is in the form of credit to the student's university account. To complete the online application, click here.

2014 URSP Recipients

Philip Ewing (majoring in Professional Chemistry). "Development of Block Copolymers for Aqueous Catalysis." Faculty mentor: Gregg Wilmes (Department of Chemistry).

Jeffrey Flegal (majoring in Engineering Physics). "Quantifying the Predictability of Solar Wind Data." Faculty mentor: David Pawlowski (Department of Physics & Astronomy).

RaKeenja Fluellen (majoring in Biochemistry). "Iterative Design and Synthesi of Novel Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1." Faculty mentor: Cory Emal (Department of Chemistry).

Linda M. Harrison (majoring in Anthropology). "Reconstructing Ancient Diet: Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Dental Calculus from an Early Medieval Merovingian Population from Northern France." Faculty mentor: Megan K. Moore (Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology).

Marisa C. Hildebrandt (majoring in Biology). "DNA Extraction and Analysis to Determine Biotype and Ploidy of Ambystoma Salamanders." Faculty mentor: Katherine Greenwald (Department of Biology).

Brittany M. Jewell (majoring in Professional Biochemistry). "Modeling Inhibitors of the PAI-1 Protein." Faculty mentor: Maria Milletti (Department of Chemistry).

Nathan Kilian (majoring in Biology). "Resolving the Phylogenetic Relationship of Peromyscus using SINEs." Faculty mentor: David Kass (Department of Biology).

Alexa Salsbury (majoring in Biochemistry/Toxicology). "Feline Leukemia Virus: Subtype Insertion at the c-Myc Gene." Faculty mentor: Heather Holmes (Department of Chemistry).

Valerie Sponyoe (majoring in Biology). "Effect of Common Fragile Site Flexibility Peaks on Mitotic Recombination in S. cerevisiae." Faculty mentor: Anne Casper (Department of Biology).

Susan Vivier (majoring in Engineering Physics). "Studying the Transition to Chaos and Building Chaotic Demonstration Circuit." Faculty mentor: Ernest Behringer (Department of Physics & Astronomy).

Brandie Yambrosic (majoring in Biochemistry). "Creating an Enantiomerically Enriched Starting Material for the Construction of Pharmaceutical Building Blocks." Faculty mentor: Harriet Lindsay (Department of Chemistry).

Student Leadership

The College has designated student representatives to the Student Leader Group, who report to the Board of Regents, and to Graduate Council, the faculty input body who advises Faculty Senate and the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research:

Taylor Humphrey, 2014-2015 College of Arts and Sciences Representative to Student Leadership Group

Taylor Humphrey is a Music-Instrumental Education major and Honors student. She is a cellist and an active student member and treasurer of the American String Teacher's Association at Eastern Michigan University. She is also principal cellist of the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra. Taylor plans to be an advocate for her fellow students, writing "When the right people are in the right places, the possibilities are endless."

Catherine Rowley, Commuter Student Representative in the Student Leadership Group

As a recent commuter student from Jackson, Michigan, Catherine is able to see a different side of EMU. She wishes to help integrate commuter students to make them feel more welcome. As a Public Relations major she sees the importance of social media. Catherine would like to promote EMU through social media and connect with students, alumni and faculty. She thinks that EMU is an extremely marketable school with a distinct brand that can connect with future students and also help remind alumni why they chose to receive their education from Eastern. Catherine has been team captain for Relay for Life in Jackson, Michigan.

Todd Kearns, 2014-2015 College of Arts and Sciences Representative to Graduate Council

Todd is a first year student in the new Masters of Arts-Philosophy program. He has served many sectors of the campus community in his three years at EMU. From acting as student advocate in Dining Services and as undergraduate tutor in the Holman Success Center, he wants to use his skills to critically engage and contribute to the dialogues featured at the Graduate Council. Thus he can serve as proxy for his peers in the College who are affected by, but are not privy to the decision-making process.


List of 2015 Honors Ceremonies by Department

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Need Help? Contact us. College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, 734.487.4344

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