Celebrating Excellence: A Look into this Year’s Spring Recognition Ceremony


Editor's Note:

EMU’s College of Health and Human Services is delighted to recognize outstanding student accomplishments at this year’s Spring Recognition Ceremony.

There were several students who received Outstanding Student Recognition awards. Each program selected and recognized a student for their hard work and impressive accomplishments. A few of the accomplishments of each student are listed below.

School of Health Promotion and Human Performance

A photo of HP&HP students
A photo of HP&HP students


  • Jackson Armstrong: Jackson is a Physical Education minor majoring in Special Education: Secondary Cognitive Impairment. He routinely demonstrates professional characteristics by considering the needs of every child during each lesson and activity.
  • Steve Hammond: Steve is an Exercise Physiology graduate student with a strong interest in running research. He is an active volunteer in the program’s Running Science Laboratory, and has been the lead author of a paper presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s national conference.
  • Beatrice Korte: Beatrice has excelled as a student in the graduate Sport Management program. She has successfully balanced her time between work, coaching and school.
  • Muneez Patel: As a student in the Health Education graduate program, Muneez has maintained a 4.0 GPA and has served as the GA with the Office of Health Promotion. He has successfully promoted health and wellness messages through various programs on campus.
  • Nicole Repetto: Nicole will earn her degree in Sport Management as an Honors Student. She is completing her internship in the EMU Athletic Compliance Office, and will be attending law school at Penn State in the fall.
  • Samantha Stauffer: Samantha is an exceptional student in the Exercise Science program. She also excels outside the classroom as a student researcher and volunteer. Her goal is to become a certified prosthetist/orthotist.
  • Katherine Thorpe: Katie is a GA in the Orthotics and Prosthetics program. She has emerged as a leader within the program as a student researcher and teaching assistant with a perfect 4.0 GPA. She has accepted a residency position with Wright and Filippis.
  • Autumn Wright: As an Athletic Training student with a passion for the Orthotics and Prosthetics field, Autumn’s career goals are to work with the Para-Olympics. She is currently completing her senior thesis using 3D printing to make anatomical models.
  • Hannah Wright: Hannah is a Public Health major pursuing the Community Health Education track. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA while actively engaged in many health promotion efforts across campus, and working at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Inpatient Financial Services.

School of Health Sciences

A photo of Health Science students
A photo of Health Science students


  • Nehleen Ahmed: Nehleen will finish her Masters degree in Human Nutrition this year with a 3.97 GPA. She has received praise from her instructors for her excellent work and professional communication skills.
  • Noelle Blanch: Noelle will graduate in April with a Bachelors degree in Dietetics. She has been actively involved in creating educational materials for the Swoops Food Pantry.
  • Toni Dester: Toni will complete the graduate certificate in Gerontology program this year. She has been an active student researcher collaborating on many faculty-led research projects. Toni is also an active volunteer with three aging-focused programs within Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County.
  • Tauan Jeffrey: Tauan is a Health Administration student and an active member of the program’s student organization. She is currently serving as an intern for Eastern’s Athletic Department.
  • Kelsey Jones: As a student in the Clinical Laboratory Science program, Kelsey has excelled as a team leader. Her professional demeanor and critical thinking skills, as well as her ability to balance being a full-time student and a student athlete were among the attributes highlighted by her instructors.
  • Katie Layman: Katie is a 2nd year Occupational Therapy Student who is an active member of the Honors College and Pi Theta, occupational therapy’s honor society, in which she currently serves as President.
  • Ashley McCurdy: As an Aging Studies student, Ashley has emerged as a leader. She volunteers at the Oaks, Special Olympics and EMU’s Autism Collaborative Center. She is committed to working with older adults in her future career as a recreational therapist.
  • Saikavya Bekal Rao: Kavya is a graduate of The Oxford Dental School and was a practicing dentist before enrolling in the Clinical Research Administration program. She currently serves as the research coordinator at the U of M oncology research department. Her goal is to be an active researcher in the field of dentistry.
  • Jenna Russell: Jenna will be completing her second Health Administration degree at EMU in April. She has balanced the demands of her coursework with full time employment at the University of Michigan Health Systems.
  • Corey Talbot: Corey will complete the graduate Dietetics program this summer. She lives in Sarasota, Florida where she volunteers for the Junior League and All Faiths Food Bank-Growing Health Kids program. Corey is planning to become a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.
  • Lauren Voegeding: Lauren will graduate this year with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation. During her studies, she has received a considerable amount of practical experience in behavioral health and inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation.

School of Nursing

A photo of Nursing students
A photo of Nursing students


  • Brian Anderson: Brian has been a nurse for over 27 years at Mott Children’s hospital. He is currently completing his BSN degree in the RN-BSN program.
  • Jamal Bedouin: Jamal is completing his BSN degree. He is known by his instructors and peers as a passionate student who thrives in a team environment. Jamal’s greatest inspiration is his mother, a nurse.
  • Ryan Carrow: Ryan is completing his BSN degree. He has successfully balanced the rigor of the nursing program courses while working full time. His calm demeanor and cheerful attitude are seen as one of his greatest strengths that will serve him well during his nursing career.
  • Deborah Lammers: Deborah is a well-rounded graduate Nursing student who balances a full time career and active family life. She is studying to become an adult-gerontological primary care nurse practitioner.

School of Social Work

A photo of Social Work students
A photo of Social Work students


  • Kristen Floyd: Kriss will graduate with a Masters degree in Social Work this month. She has interned in the Making Youth Matter Mentoring Program, a collaborative partnership the School of Social Work and Ypsilanti Community Schools.
  • Tyler Sly: Tyler has maintained an impressive 3.95 GPA while enrolled in the Social Work program. He volunteers at the Dedicated to Make a Change agency and the EMU Women’s Resource Center.

The College of Health and Human Services is proud of the hard work and dedication of our students.