The Bachelor of Business Education in Secondary Education Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology Major will prepare you in the areas of management, accounting, administrative services, marketing, information processing, and computing.  You will learn basic business information, such as business management, economics, consumer economics/math, business law, retail merchandising, entrepreneurship, software applications, and computer literacy.

With the chosen education degree, a Standard CTE Certification is encouraged in order to receive federal funding for the business education program. The Standard Career & Technical Education (CTE) Certificate [PDF] an authorization from MDE for teaching in a Michigan approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in the occupational area in which the teacher is endorsed. EMU offers Standard CTE Certificates in many other occupational areas. Please go to the Technology Services Management, Standard CTE Certificate page to learn more.

What You Will Learn

Students pursuing this major will acquire strategies and innovative practices for teaching core business/technology content in middle school and high school settings. The required work experience in this program is used to enhance and support your individual teaching goals.


Certified teachers in Michigan with the Business, Management, Marketing and Technology (GQ) endorsement can teach business related courses in 6-12th grade classrooms. The demand for teachers in this area is ever increasing. You may seek advising, apply for scholarships, and participate in activities both in the College of Technology, the home for this major, and in the Department of Teacher Education in the College of Education, home of the professional teaching courses.  Technology courses are offered either online or as hybrid evening classes to best meet the needs of busy students.

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