Email Signatures

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. First, begin by opening Gmail in your browser. In the top righthand corner, click on the settings tool button and under Quick Settings, select See All Settings.

screenshot of gmail settings locations with red box around the settings button and see all settings button.


2. Scroll down to the row titled Signature. Select Create new.

screenshot of gmail signature location in settings with red box around signature and create new signature button.

3. From here, name this anything you like. Click Create.

screenshot of gmail name new signature box with Jane Doe's Signature in the signature title text box


4. Next, copy all of the information below and paste it into the text box in the Signature row.


Jane Doe (pronouns)
Job Title
Division or Department
734.487.0000 ||


5. Customize the template with your information.

6. Be sure of the following specifications:

    1. Name should be bolded.
    2. Font: Verdana
    3. Font Size: Normal (small for pronouns)
    4. Color: Black ( is the third to darkest green)

screenshot of gmail signature editing tools with red boxes around the font, text size, bold, and font color settings.

screenshot of gmail text color settings with red box around the proper green instructed to use.

7. Next, make sure your cursor is at the end of your signature and hit enter to put the cursor on its own line.

8. Download the Boxed E Wordmark files to your computer.

9. At the bottom of the text box containing your signature, click the insert image button.

screenshot of gmail signature textbox with red box around the insert image setting.

10. On the top navigation bar, click Upload and Select a file from your device – from here, browse your downloads folder to select your image.

screenshot of gmail signature insert image settings with red box around upload and select a file from your device.


11. Once you find your Boxed E Wordmark to add, select it and click open. This will insert the image into your textbox.

screenshot of finder downloads folder with the boxed e wordmark highlighted.


12. From here, left click on the Block E Wordmark. This will open a menu containing size options. Select Medium.

screenshot of gmail signature textbox with image selected and a red box around medium size option.

13. Once you’ve adjusted all the information from the template, select where you’d like your new signature to appear. Using the drop-down menus under Signature Defaults, select the title of the signature you just created(ie. Jane Doe’s Signature) under For new emails use and under For reply/forward use.

screenshot of gmail signature default settings with Jane doe's signature highlighted in the drop down menu of for new emails use setting.

14. Now, your signature should look like the example below, customized with your information, of course! (Please note the whole EMU logo cannot be seen in this view)

screenshot of gmail signature settings text box with example of an eastern michigan university brand compliant signature.


15. Scroll down to the very bottom of the settings page and click Save Changes. If this step is skipped, the Signature will not save.