Project Timelines

Website Production Timeline - Estimated

Our website production schedule varies depending on the scope of the site, the client's ability to produce useful content and the client's responsiveness. Given our current resources, we estimate the following timeline for major projects:

Estimated Range - Total Project: 18-30 weeks

Stage 1:

  • Initial Client Meeting
  • Content audit of current site
  • Develop and finalize site map
  • Develop content matrix

Time: 4-10 weeks

Stage 2:
Design and Build

  • Site design
  • Site build in Modern Campus CMS (formerly Omni CMS)
  • Development of features
  • Content migration
  • New content development (client) photography or other design elements, as needed

Time: 10-14 weeks

Stage 3:
Quality Assurance

  • Content review
  • User testing
  • Resolve user testing issues debugging
  • Final review and quality check

Time: 3-5 weeks

Stage 4:

  • Back up old site
  • Place redirects
  • Move to production.

Time: 1 week

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