New Majors in English Language and Literature!

The Department of English Language and Literature is pleased to announce an entirely revised and updated set of majors for Fall 2020. This includes Children’s Literature, Creative Writing, English Education, Linguistics, Literature, and Professional Writing. The only departmental major that will continue as it has for the last few years is Public Relations. All said, there are now 7 ways to major in English at EMU. We’ve put together a two-page advising sheet for all 7 majors, you can pick up a copy in the English department office or print a copy of the PDF.  

No need to panic if you’re part-way through one of the older sets of requirements! Those majors and their classes will still be offered.

If you’d like clarification about the new majors and/or how they differ from the older ones, program advisors for the English department are available to discuss your options.