Graduate Program in Writing Studies: Professional Writing or Teaching of Writing

Our Master in Writing Studies degree at Eastern Michigan University is based on community and flexibility:

  • Community: As a student in this program, you join a community that offers social support, professional networking and friendly connections with faculty.
  • Flexibility: We have a 30-credit master's program where you can emphasize in professional writing or teaching of writing. We also have a 15-credit certificate option.

In our 30 credit master's degree, you can combine courses from both the professional writing and teaching of writing emphases, along with graduate courses in other programs in our department and other departments on campus. This flexibility allows you to tailor a program of study to suit your needs.

  • Professional Writing Emphasis

    Focuses on the study and practice of professional and technical writing. You will learn about the nature of rhetoric and writing, develop skills with the tools professional writers use and practice strategies for handling workplace projects successfully.

  • Teaching of Writing Emphasis

    Focuses on the study and practice of teaching writing, particularly at the college level. You'll develop strategies for generating enthusiasm for writing and also consider the rhetorical, historical and ideological dimensions of those strategies.

Graduate Certificates

Our graduate certificates in technical writing and the teaching of writing are tailored to different students' needs:

  • Certificate in Technical Writing

    For students trained in other fields who want to become technical communicators and who want to learn more about the field. Many of our students in the certificate program already have or are currently enrolled in another graduate degree program, and some of our students go on from the certificate program to the master's program.
  • Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

    For students in other fields who want to learn more the teaching of writing at all levels, particularly in college classrooms. Many of our students are enrolled in other master's programs and are interested in adding coursework in writing pedagogy to their degree program. The program is also ideal for practicing elementary, secondary and college teachers who want to learn more about the teaching of writing.

Additional Information

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Professional Writing

Eastern Michigan University also offers an undergraduate program in professional writing.

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Because writing, research, critical thinking, and design are skills for any industry, our alumni go into many different careers and academic paths.

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