Eastern Michigan University
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Advising for Language, Literature and Writing for Teachers

 Preparing for Advising Sessions and Keeping on Track:

Step one: Download the  advising packet  for both the major and minor.
Step two: See an English Education advisor as soon as you decide to major or minor in Language, Literature, and Writing for Teachers. Advisors are usually available during their office hourse, but please call or email first to make sure they are available .
Step three: Keep track of the courses you've taken on the course worksheet in the advising packet.
Step four: Stay aware of new developments in our program by checking the website (http://www.emich.edu/english/english_ed_ug.html) and the English Education bulletin board on the 6th floor of Pray-Harrold.



Prof. John Staunton*
487-0135 jstaunto@emich.edu
Prof. Cathy Fleischer 487-0151 cathy.fleischer@emich.edu
Prof. William Tucker 487-0279 wtucker@emich.edu

 *Program Coordinator