Textbook Affordability Workshop




A recent survey of EMU students shows that most EMU students are worried about meeting course reading costs and 35.4% reported that they frequently do not purchase the required book. Reported effects include earning poor grades, dropping courses, and taking fewer courses. This program, hosted by the Faculty Development Center and facilitated by Kate Pittsley-Sousa, Julia Nims, and Sara Memmott was aimed at encouraging, assisting, and developing skills in EMU instructors related to the adoption of free or more affordable course materials. EMU instructors shared strategies they have used to address the problem, were introduced to key concepts of open educational resources and other alternatives, and practiced different methods of finding affordable reading materials. A workshop goal was that each participant discovers an alternative text that they would consider adopting.

Session Information:

All sessions were held virtually over Zoom. Attendees received a $100 honorarium for participating in this series. 

Part I: Introductory Group Meeting

July 18, 2023, from 2-4 PM

The initial group meeting was part discussion, part presentation, and part hands-on activity. This session addressed why affordability efforts are needed and inform participants of key concepts, such as the difference between free and open, Creative Commons Licensing, and how library ebooks work. There were be hands-on activity involving different methods to find alternatives.   Join us on Zoom.

Part II: Individual Sessions

July 19-August 7, 2023

Part two consisted of working individually with a faculty librarian to find course reading alternatives for one or more courses. The project budget allowed for potential purchases of library ebook versions of titles that participants decide to adopt.

Part III: Final Group Meeting

August 8, 2023, from 2-4 PM

The final group meeting was for faculty to share the results of their search for alternatives and discuss how the process worked for them. This was followed by presentation and discussion of possible ways to further text affordability on campus.