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Scholarships for Transfer Students

Eastern Michigan University awards a variety of scholarships to incoming transfer students admitted by April 12th. Merit based transfer scholarships require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and 30 transferable credits from a regionally accredited institution at time of application. All transfer scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis based upon factors such as GPA, number of transferable credits, and date of application file completion.


Award Name

Annual Amount

Renewal Criteria


Regents Scholarship

• Enroll in 12 hours each semester
• Maintain a 3.5 EMU GPA and meet SAP*

Recognition of Excellence Scholarship

• Enroll in 12 hours each semester
• Maintain a 3.3 EMU GPA and meet SAP*

Transfer Scholarship

• One year (2 semester) award
• Will prorate for 1/2 and 3/4 time

National Scholars Program (NSP)

Approximately $16,000
• Enroll in 15 hours each semester
(Difference between
• Maintain a 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP*
resident and non-
resident tuition)

EMU Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Scholarship

• Minimum transfer GPA of 3.5 by
• Enroll in 12 hrs each semester
scholarship deadline
• Maximum of five
• Maintain a 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP*
• Most recent work completed from
scholarships awarded
• Awarded up to four semesters
PTK inducted community college
each academic year
• Requires Phi Theta Kappa membership

Formula to determine the number of semesters of scholarship payment:

Sophomore (25-55 credits) = 6 semesters of eligibility

Junior (56-84 credits) = 4 semesters of eligibility

Senior (85+ credits) = 2 semesters of eligibility

*SAP = Satisfactory Academic Progress: Requires that students earn passing grades in a minimum of 67% of the credit hours they take. Grades of W, I, N, NC or repeated classes are not "earned."