Guidelines for EMU Faculty on a Fulbright

It can be confusing to determine how to coordinate the Fulbright award, time away from EMU, salary and benefits, particularly without a sabbatical. However, EMU has developed a process by which faculty can take full advantage of the Fulbright award and continue with their salary and benefits. For more information, contact your Department Head/School Director, who will work with the Dean and Academic Human Resources to complete the necessary paperwork.

Guidelines for Hosting a Fulbright Visiting Scholar

Fulbright visiting students are managed by Esther Gunel, Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars. 240D Student Center. Ph: 734-487-3116. Email: [email protected] The Office of the Dean collaborates with OISS to manage Fulbright visiting scholars.

Carla Damiano is the Faculty Liaison for Fulbright visiting scholars, primarily advising host departments/schools of appropriate processes. (Professor of German, 337 Alexander. Phone: 734-487-6729. Email: [email protected].

  1. An EMU faculty member or department head nominates a potential visiting Fulbright Scholar. The Department Head/School Director of the host department and the Dean should be notified of any nomination.
  1. The nomination and application is reviewed by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES).
  1. If the nomination and application is accepted by CIES and the U.S. Department of State, then CSIE will confirm affiliation with Eastern Michigan University for X. The confirmation request will include a copy of X’s application and an Institutional Reply Form (IRF) that contains detailed information about the award. Acceptance of X as a Visiting Scholar includes the privileges of using the University Library, auditing classes, consultation with faculty, and if possible, some form of office space, without cost.
  1. The EMU Administrative Official should sign and return the IRF to CIES at their earliest convenience, via e- mail or fax. In completing the IRF, CIES should receive suggestions for housing information contacts, a suitable arrival date, and any specific institutional requirements for international visitors. The Office of the Provost and Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) should receive copies of the IRF.
  1. To provide the visiting scholar with
  • an EMU ID card and a my.emich account, the Head/Director will complete the attached Visiting Scholar Form, available from the Dean’s office, acquire the signatures of the Dean, Provost, and AVP of Graduate Studies, then submit it to Academic Human Resources,
  • an office and office key, the Head/Director will allocate the space and provide a key with the help of the Physical Plant; for guest access to the building during off hours, the Head/Director will request specific access from the Dean’s office to add to the guest’s EMU ID swipe card,
  • University Library access, the Head/Director will contact the Library to complete the request on behalf of the scholar.
  1. As a Fulbright grantee, X is required to enter the United States under the sponsorship of the Department of State's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. EMU should not provide a DS-2019 as it will be issued by CIES. X’s grant benefits include round-trip international travel and health insurance coverage complying with J-1 visa requirements.
  1. The host department/school may provide the guest with information on local housing options, or inquire into available housing on campus, so that the scholar might stay in an on-campus facility, although this is unlikely. Contact:

Assistant Director of University Housing/Customer Service

Housing and Residence Life
Lower Level DC1
[email protected]

If no on-campus facility is available, the host department/school must arrange for off-campus housing for the visiting scholar, keeping CIES and the visiting scholar fully informed of the costs associated with off-campus housing.

  1. The visiting scholar may need apartment supplies such as bedding, linens and kitchen utensils. The host department/school is responsible for providing these amenities.
  1. The Fulbright visiting scholar must pay for h/er health insurance.