Recommended Course Sequence for Majors or Minors

Chemistry is a discipline where upper-level courses are highly dependent upon the material you learn in introductory courses. Additionally, much of the discipline is built upon a foundation of physics and much of what we learn is expressed in the language of mathematics. The end result is that the order in which courses are taken is very important and we have many prerequisites that are rigorously enforced.

Further, because of minimum course enrollments, not every course is offered every semester. We provide a detailed scheduling pattern for all of our courses.

To avoid a delay in graduation, it is very important that you carefully plan the sequence in which you will complete your courses so that you can graduate on time (which is our shared goal). To this end, we have prepared a flow chart for each of our majors and minors which shows you the order in which courses must taken and the semesters when each of the courses is offered. Click on the name of the major or minor below to open a window containing the appropriate flowchart.

Note that the names, and some of the requirements, for four of the majors changed, effective with the 2016–17 catalog. If you are using an older catalog, you can click on the old name to see the appropriate flowchart.

*You can select to fulfill the graduation requirements using any catalog since your initial admission. However, you must satisfy all of the requirements (major, minor, general education) using the same catalog.

If you are at all uncertain about your plan (or even if you feel confident about it), it is a good idea to talk to a chemistry advisor to make sure that you are on the right track.

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