Transfer and Graduate Students

Welcome to the EMU Chemistry Department. We are glad that you joining our program (or at least thinking about it). We like to think of ourselves as having all of the opportunities associated with a large department combined with the individual attention available in a small department. To a large extent, the amount of interaction that you have with the faculty and other students is up to you. Our doors are usually open and we'd like to get to know you, but it is up to you how much advantage you take of the opportunity.

Information Specifically for Transfer Students

If you have already transferred to EMU, welcome! If you are thinking about transferring to EMU, we are glad you are thinking of us and we want to convince you to do so.

  • Transferring Courses

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    Transfer students confront a unique set of issues. Most importantly, you probably want to know which of your completed courses transfer to EMU and which courses you should be taking next. EMU's website has a lot of good information about transferring credits to EMU. If you go to the Transfer Students section of the EMU Admissions website there are specific links for students from nearby community colleges and a link to a page with a lot of information about transferring credit, including a transfer equivalency tool with course equivalency information for specific courses at many Michigan schools (and a few from Ohio). 
  • Advising

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    Assuming you are interested in pursuing a major or minor in either chemistry or biochemistry, you may want to check out our department's Advising page or our webpage on Programs and Courses. They contain a lot of useful information about planning your schedule. Regardless, we strongly recommend that new transfer students contact a departmental adviser before starting classes to make sure that you register for the proper courses. (This is in addition to the advising you receive from the University Advising Center.) The University advisers usually do a good job, but they can't know each department's programs as well as the faculty within the department. We want you to start off on the right track and not repeat courses that you have already taken or register for courses for which you are not prepared to succeed. We will exchange emails, talk on the phone or set up an appointment for you to come by and talk in person.

    We are happy to talk to you even before you transfer to EMU in order to help you plan what courses you should take at your current school to make the transition to EMU as smooth as possible.

    Depending upon your desired major/minor at EMU, you can contact the appropriate listed adviser on our Advising page. If your situation is at all unusual or you are not sure exactly who to contact, you can send an email to [email protected]. This account is routinely monitored by both the undergraduate advising coordinator and the head of the Chemistry Department and so, generally, the response is quicker (individual contact information is on our home page).

Graduate Students

You should contact our graduate adviser, Dr. Lindsay, for more information. The information on this page is specifically for undergraduate students. There is some information about our graduate program available on our Programs and Courses page. A list of faculty research interests is provided on the Research Opportunities page. You can also click on the Facilities page to see pictures of the department.

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