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Programs and Courses


The link below contains a list of all chemistry courses, undergraduate (100-499) and graduate (500-699). Not every course is offered every semester. So, the list also contains the specific terms when each course is normally taught (and the terms when it is taught in the evening, after 5:30).

To help you plan your future schedules, we have created flowcharts for our majors and minors. These show you the courses required for each program, the order in which the courses must be taken, and the terms each course is normally offered.

The above list of courses also has links to the catalog description for most courses. For information about any specific course(s) offered by EMU, please visit the university catalog link below and use the filter to select the course(s) of interest. Note that all EMU Chemistry and Biochemistry courses have a CHEM prefix.

The courses in the Fermentation Science program have a FERM prefix.

The link below will take you to the Records and Registration web page that has links to the University Course Schedule Books and Calendars for the current and upcoming terms:


Our advising page has links to pamphlets which briefly describe each of the departmental programs and flowcharts showing the sequence of courses required. It also contains a link to an American Chemical Society website with information about careers in chemistry. For information about the specific requirements for any Department of Chemistry program, please visit the university catalog link below.

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Minors

These links are to the most recent catalog. If you entered under an earlier catalog, you can still fulfill the requirement of the earlier catalog in order to graduate. For that reason, earlier catalogs are archived and can still be accessed from the University Catalog site.

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold