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Chemistry Alumni

Below, we describe a variety of items that may be of interest to our alumni.

  • Alumni News: This is an archive of news stories specifically about EMU alumni. If you would like to share information about yourself and your life and career after leaving EMU, please send it to us at [email protected].
  • Banquet Programs: We have copies of almost all of the Chemistry Department Banquet programs, going back to 1974. Contact [email protected] for the year you are looking for.
  • Newsletters: We have copies of most of the departmental newsletters that have been generated between 1978 and the present.
  • Scholarship and Award Recipients: On the scholarships page, you can click on the name of any scholarship and see a description of it, information about who it honors and a list of past recipients.
  • Old information about alumni: If you have an update about yourself that you would like us to post, please send it to us at [email protected].
  • Upcoming Events: You will find the date for the next annual department banquet and a list of other upcoming events.
  • Huron Valley ACS Section: If you are located in Southeast Michigan, you may be interested in participating in events held by the local section of the American Chemical Society. This a link to their website.

Ways for alumni to help current and future chemistry students

If you are interested in helping in any of the following ways, or some other way not listed below, please contact the head of the Chemistry Department (Get information on our contact page).

Co-op and Internship opportunities

If you work for a company in the area, we always have students looking for unpaid (or paid) co-op opportunities. Let us know if you would be interested in sponsoring one of our students.

Share your wisdom with the next generation of students

Do you have helpful advice about how to get into graduate school or land that first industrial position? Can you tell them what courses to take that will make them more attractive to future employers? Would you be interested in coming back to meet with students to discuss careers in chemistry? If you have written advice to share, we can post it on our advising page.

Share your wisdom with the faculty

In the light of your post-graduate experiences, do you have suggestions for improving our curriculum? Do you see courses that we should be offering or skills we should be emphasizing? We want our curricula to continue to evolve to best serve our current students. Would you be willing to serve as a Departmental Advisory Board? Share your thoughts with us.

Donate equipment

Does your company have surplus, working equipment that still has life in it? We want to give our students as much hands-on training as possible and this requires lots of equipment. Note that we do not have the time to bring dead equipment back to life and we are not interested in turning our new building into a junkyard. But, if you have surplus items, in good working order, that are no longer needed or are being replaced by newer models, we do appreciate these donations. This also includes smaller items such as balances, hot plates or common glassware. Let us know what you have to offer.

Donate money

Contribute to one of the current departmental funds or scholarships by going to our Give to Chemistry page. If you would like to create a scholarship or a new endowed fund (e.g., to provide support for student or faculty research), you can contact the department head, our College of Arts and Sciences Development officer, Jill Hunsberger ([email protected], 734.487.0336), or the EMU Foundation directly.

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