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Upcoming Seminars

All departmental seminars are on Monday afternoons at 4 p.m. in room 154 Science Complex, unless specified otherwise.

November 27 - "Synthesis, Structures, and Photophysical Properties of Long-Chain Oligogermanes" Scott Weinert, Oklahoma State University.

December 4 - Peggy Ostrom, Michigan State University.  Topic:  Analytical Chemistry

January 29 - Brian Coppola, University of Michigan.  Topic:  Chemistry Pedagogy

February 12 - Brian Cook, Grand Valley State University.  Topic:  Biochemistry

March 5 - Terry Bigioli, University of Toledo.  Topic:  Physical Chemistry

April 2 - Sanela Martec, Oakland University.  Topic:Biological Chemistry

For a complete listing of departmental seminars, click the link to our Seminars page.

Course Number Changes

Effective Fall 2017, the numbers are changing for CHEM 281 and CHEM 381W.

CHEM 281, Introduction to Analytical Chemistry, is being split into two separate courses, CHEM 283 (lecture) and CHEM 284 (lab).  CHEM 283 and 284 are corequisites (must be taken at the same time) and, combined, will substitute for CHEM 281 on any Chemistry/Biochemistry major or minor.

CHEM 381W, Instrumentation for Chemical Technology, is being renumbered as CHEM 383W and has been changed from a 2-credit course to a 3-credit course.  Anyone needing CHEM 381W for their program, should now take CHEM 383W instead.  Posted 2/13/17.

Registration Questions?

See our advising page for useful information and a list of departmental advisers that you can contact.  We also have a list of frequently encountered registration errors and how to handle them.

Prerequisites are routinely enforced for Chemistry Department courses and can be found in the catalog.  The goal of prerequisites is to ensure that students have the proper background to succeed in a course.  If you have taken the required prerequisite at another accredited college or university, you can contact a departmental adviser to get it verified and permission to register.  If you are missing a prerequisite, you can ask to have it waived, but these requests are rarely approved.  So, plan your schedule carefully.  See the Advising or Programs & Courses links for helpful information such as the normal course scheduling pattern and flowcharts showing the normal sequencing of courses for each major and minor.

Fall Tutoring Schedule

Many of the Chemistry Department faculty (and some students) volunteer to staff the departmental tutoring room.  Tutors are available approximately 10-12 hours per week in room 543 Science Complex.  The schedule for Fall Semester has been posted and tutoring is now available.  The schedule is available by following the tutoring room link.  Service is free and on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, all CHEM 111, 115, 117, 121, 123, and 283 students are invited to free drop-in collaborative study sessions every Monday evening from 7-9 pm in Science Complex Room 241.  Chemistry faculty and advanced students will be there to facilitate the sessions.  Click here to see the advertising flyer or here to go to their website.  Sponsored by the CSIE program.  Updated 9/11/17.

Careers in Chemistry

If you are wondering what you can do with a chemistry degree, the American Chemical Society (ACS) has a lot of information available on its website. Follow this link to


This site includes profiles and videos of chemists working in a number of different careers.

The ACS has recently launched a second career planning website geared more towards graduate students, although it is also useful for undergraduates.  Follow this link to


Links to Library Resources

On the Student Resources page (see main menu at the left), we have links to several webpages hosted by the EMU library. These webpages contain links to sites useful for searching for chemical databases, journals, or educational materials.

Upcoming Events

See the Calendar of Events for additional information about annual department events.

Welcome to the Chemistry Department!

Click on the links in the left-hand menu to obtain a lot of useful, up-to-date information.  Department contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Recent Chemistry Department News

Dr. Steven BackuesProfessor Steven Backues was the 2017 recipient of the William Fennel Symposium Faculty Mentor Award.  This award recognizes extraordinary leadership and guidance to undergraduate students and their research experience that includes presentation at the Undergraduate Symposium.  Follow this link to read more about Professor Backues.  Posted 9/20/17.

Dr. Nina Contis Professor Nina Contis's Views on Global Engagement were recently featured in Chemical & Engineering News.Follow this link to access the article, entitled "Global engagement:  A competitive advantage in the practice of chemistry" and learn how the ACS is moving forward in this important area.  Dr. Contis is the chair of the ACS Committee on International Activities.  Posted 9/12/17.

Dr. Brittany AlbaughProfessor Brittany Albaugh is the recipient of a major grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Dr. Albaugh's project, entitled Collaborative Research: Molecular and Structural Mechanism of Histone Binding by the Epigenetic Regulator UHRF2, was recently selected for funding by the NSF.  The grant is in the amount of $359,776.  Click here to read more about this research project. Posted 7/26/17.  This is also the feature story in the Fall 2017 issue of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research eNewsletter [PDF]. Updated 9/20/17

Dr. James Grinias The EMU Alumni Association has recognized Dr. James Grinias as recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award at this year's awards ceremony.  Dr. Grinias received his bachelor's degree in Professional Chemistry from EMU in 2009.  He is currently an Assistant Professor at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.  Click here to read more about Dr. Grinias. Posted 6/30/17.

Rae Albaugh and mother The Chemistry Department celebrates the growth of our department family via the birth of Raegan Eun "Rae" Albaugh.  Rae was born on May 8th at 9:50 pm and came in at 6 lbs, 9 oz and 21 inches.  Our congratulations go to the happy parents, Brittany and Travis.  All are doing well.  Posted 6/1/17.

Brandie Yambrosic 54 Chemistry Students Present at the Undergraduate Symposium and the Graduate Research Conference.  At this year's EMU Graduate Research Conference, held on March 24, there were 10 presentations sponsored by the Chemistry Department representing the work of 11 chemistry students.  Click here to see pictures and a listing of all of the Chemistry Department Graduate
Research Conference presentations.
  At the Undergraduate Symposium, on March 31, the Chemistry Department sponsored 33 presentations involving 43 undergraduate students.  Click here to see pictures and a listing of all of the Chemistry Department Undergraduate Symposium presentations.  Updated 5/19/17.

This year's Summer Science Research Initiative (SSRI) kicked off on May 16 with a series of brief student presentations describing the work that the students are pursuing this summerFollow this link to see the full schedule of SSRI events this summer.  Alternately, visit the SSRI facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/summerscienceresearchinitiative).  Updated 5/24/17.

Cover of Ceramics Professor Ruth Ann Armitage and colleagues have been analyzing historic glue residues on ceramics excavated from Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of George Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Results of this project were recently published in the well-respected and widely read book Ceramics in America as the chapter titled “Mary Washington’s Mended Ceramics: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Glues” with co-authors Mara Kaktins and Melanie Marquis of the George Washington Foundation, and Daniel Fraser of Lourdes University.  This collaborative research project will be shared with visitors to Ferry Farm through an interactive experience where living history interpreters will make glues from historic recipes and mend pottery with the public in the newly reconstructed Washington house there.  Posted 4/27/17.

Dr. Ross Nord Professor Ross Nord is selected as Honors College Distinguished Faculty of the Year.  Each year the Honors College students identify two professors whom they would like to honor as their Distinguished Faculty of the Year.  Dr. Nord was presented with his award at the Honors College Awards Ceremony on March 28. Accepting the award, he noted that he taught his first Honors class in 1988, before most of today's students were born.  He also spoke about how it is the EMU students who continue to motivate him to be the best instructor he can be.  Posted 4/3/17.

  A complete list of Chemistry Department News stories and short items can be obtained by clicking on the link. 

Contact Us

The Department of Chemistry is located in the recently expanded and completely renovated Mark Jefferson Science Complex. We have staff offices and labs throughout the building.  The Chemistry Department office is room 541 and is open from 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday.  The phone number is (734)487-0106.

Dr. Deborah Heyl-Clegg

Interim Department Head:  Deborah Heyl-Clegg, Ph.D.

Senior Secretary:  Tracey Grant 

Office Secretary:  Carol Orlowski

If you are interested in our programs, there is a lot of information available by clicking on the links found in the left-hand navigational pane.  Information about specific programs can be obtained from the advisers listed on our advising page.  You can also email questions using the links given below:

Undergraduate Advising Email Address:  chem_ug_advising@emich.edu

Graduate Coordinator:  Tim Brewer, Ph.D. If you would like to see something that is missing from our website, have information to share, or have other constructive suggestions, we would like to hear from you.  Contact us at rnord@emich.edu.

EMU Location and Vicinity

Eastern Michigan University is located in Ypsilanti,MI, which is adjacent to Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan.  This proximity allows for active collaborations between faculty and students from both schools and access to additional facilities.  Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and the surrounding townships make up a metropolitan area of over 300,000 people with ample cultural, recreational, and sporting events year-round.  The cities of Detroit (30 miles away) and Toledo (40 miles away) are also within easy driving distance.  However, one need travel only a short distance out-of-town to find farmland and open countryside. Nearby opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as boating, fishing, hunting, and skiing, are plentiful.

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold