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Student Resources

Help with a Chemistry Course

If you are taking a chemistry course, your primary resource is your course instructor. Take advantage of their office hours. Professors want dedicated students who work to master the material. Frequently, they will comment that students who come to their office hours are often the best students. To maximize the benefit of this time, come prepared with a list of specific questions. Vague comments like, "I don't understand anything that we've been doing" are not constructive and waste everybody's time. If you have spent sufficient time trying to learn the material on your own, you will know exactly where you are getting stuck.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to get a different perspective on the material. Every term, several Chemistry Department faculty members (and often one or more upper-level students) volunteer their time in the department's tutoring room. You may also be able to get a tutor from the Holman Success Center. The tutoring room schedule and additional information can be found on our tutoring page.

There are all kinds of online resources available. The staff at the EMU library have compiled a brief list of frequently used chemistry resources and they can be found among EMU Library's Research Guides. There is a similar list of biochemistry resources and other subjects can also be found on the Research Guides home page.

Course Overrides

To request a course override, (eg. prerequisite or course cap), you should first email the instructor of the course for which you want the override. Be sure to include your name and E-number within the message. If no instructor is assigned for the course or you do not get a response within a few business days, you can also send an email to the general advising address: [email protected].

For cases in which you have previously taken a lecture/lab combination that are corequisites, and you passed the lecture but need to retake the lab, or you passed the lab but need to retake the lecture, you can request a corequisite override using this form.

There is more information about course overrides and other registration information in the Registration FAQs section of the Advising section of our website.

Chemistry Club

Established in 1910, he EMU Chemistry Club is the oldest, continuously active student club on the EMU campus. Meetings are in 542 Mark Jefferson and meeting notices are posted around the department. You don't need to be a chemistry major to join—anyone interested in chemistry is welcome. 

  • Faculty Adviser:  Dr. Larry Kolopajlo
  • President: Dennis Dean

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Resources for Searching Journals or Databases Online

The EMU Library has a collection of articles and databases with links to several very useful sites (e.g., Web of Science and SciFinder Scholar.) The library links listed above (under "How do I get help with a chemistry course that I am taking?") may also be useful.


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