Jodonnis Rodriguez


Associate Professor of Finance

Accounting, Finance, & Information Systems

412 Hill Hall


[email protected]


  • Ph.D. Finance, Florida International University
  • MSc Finance, Florida International University
  • MA International Business, University of Florida
  • BA Business Administration, University of Florida

Professional Summary

Dr. Rodriguez teaches courses in the areas of investments, derivatives, and international finance. His courses focus on derivative asset pricing, financial risk hedging strategies, futures and options trading, forex market mechanics, and international capital and money markets. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez focuses on valuation, market pricing mechanics, and portfolio construction. 

Courses Taught

  • FIN 350 - Principles of Finance
  • FIN 354 - Investments
  • FIN 370 - International Business Finance
  • FIN 451 - Introduction to Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 479 - Special Topics (Quantitative Methods in Finance)
  • FIN 501 - Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • FIN 540 - International Finance
  • FIN 625 - Securities Analysis
  • FIN 670 - Risk Management with Derivatives
  • FIN 499 - Independent Study - A study of dynamic correlations between the U.S. and various ASEAN stock markets.
  • FIN 694 - Independent Study 
  • FIN 699 - Independent Study - A study of the effect of international expansion on corporate taxes, regulations, and FX-adjusted earnings.

Research Interests & Projects

Current research topics: 

  • Factors explaining salary inequities across gender and underrepresented minority groups in academia and the private sector.
  • Causes and effects of student stop-outs, especially students from underrepresented minority groups and vulnerable populations. 

Other research topics: 

  • Derivatives asset pricing, behavioral finance, and international finance. 

Pending Publications: 

  • "Does Board Gender Diversity Affect Firms' Risk?" Managerial Finance (2022 revise and resubmit). 

Selected Publications

  • Rodriguez, J., Lawrence, E.R. (2019) Institutional Investment Patterns in Gender Diverse Firms. Journal of Behavioral Finance 20(4) 437-450. 
  • Rodriguez, J. (2018). Have U.S. and ASEAN Equity Markets Become More Integrated? Journal of Finance Issues 17(1). 15-39. 
  • Dandapani, K., Lawrence, E.R., Rodriguez J. (2018). Determinants of Transactional Internet Banking. Journal of Financial Services Research 54(2), 243-267.

Professional Affiliations

  • Financial Management Association 
  • Eastern Finance Association
  • Ph.D. Project

Additional Information

  • EMU Summer Research Award (2X) 2017, 2020. 
  • EMU Faculty Research Fellowship (3X) 2018, 2020, 2022
  • EMU AS-L Faculty Fellow, 2018.