About Us

Mission, Vision and Values

College of Business Mission Statement

To support the economic development of southeastern Michigan by preparing graduates to perform effectively in the global business community. We develop outstanding business professionals through a rigorous, applied educational experience.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be recognized as southeast Michigan’s leader in applied business education, developing outstanding business professionals with global vision.

Core Values

Learning and Opportunity

  • Employ creative and innovative methods, ensuring the success of students, faculty and staff.
  • Encourage students and faculty to engage in disciplines through applied, innovative, scholarly and supportive learning experiences.
  • Continue to maintain strong undergraduate programs while providing research opportunities and excellent co-curricular programs supporting and enhancing our talented students.
  • Preserve our recognition for the synergy of theory and application and excellence in our graduate programs.

Service and Engagement

  • Provide a model for public engagement by linking students, faculty, staff and alumni with opportunities to produce real-world value and gain applied experience—enhancing learning while addressing community needs.
  • Support the economic development of Southeastern Michigan.

Diversity and Multicultural Perspective

  • Provide a collaborative, welcoming and supportive culture where differing ideas, behaviors and backgrounds contribute to the educational experience that includes a global and multicultural perspective enhancing the individual, society and the world.
  • Signify commitment to ethics and values through founding the COB on the Ethos Statement.
  • Promote global interaction and engagement through a strong commitment to international programs and partnerships.

Building for the Future

  • The COB will continue to develop and enhance teaching and research support, technology and facilities as the College of Business anticipates stakeholder needs.
  • The COB will continue to develop resources to enhance the capacity to achieve our mission, realize our vision and adhere to our values.
  • The COB will have a continuing commitment to excellence that places the highest priority on quality teaching and learning, the development of programs built on our unique strengths, a faculty actively engaged in teaching and research and continuous improvement.
  • The COB will have an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and assessment.

Ethos Statement

The College of Business students, faculty and staff comprise a professional, interdependent community committed to perfecting responsible, ethical business professionals to serve business and the wider world. Through a positive learning experience mirroring the business world's best aspects, the community respects the group's mission and the individuals comprising it. Community members foster the COB ethos through behavior growing from six interrelated values:


Integrity is practicing in all areas of life what we profess to believe. It is commitment to professional standards in the whole person.


Honesty requires respect for the truth; it means being truthful, sincere, and straightforward.


Growing out of integrity and honesty, trustworthiness is the confidence others have that we mean what we say; we can be counted on.


Respect is deference or esteem for what we value. We recognize others' worth as ends, not means. Respect is key to our other values.


We value learning as an end in itself and as a practical tool for success in lifelong professional growth. We gain up-to-date, practical and theoretical knowledge through effective, often participative learning and research.

The Work Ethic

We practice self reliance and responsibility to our business profession and community. We are industrious and often self supporting.

More Information on the College of Business

Find out more about the College of Business by reading our strategic plan [PDF].

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