Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management

Student SHRM Objectives

  • Educating students interested in the field of human resource management
  • Keeping students up-to-date with new developments in the field
  • Preparing students to become professional human resource managers for the future

We achieve our objectives by doing the following:

  • Holding monthly speaker meetings at the College of Business (COB) presented by local and nationally known companies
  • Continuing fiscal balance as a result of fundraising
  • Two workshops per semester
  • Increasing political activism by participating in letter writing campaigns
  • Participating in company tours and professional visits
  • Mentoring and job shadowing opportunities
  • Recent postings of internships and job opportunities
  • Supporting Eastern's internship and co-op program
  • Distributing informative newsletters
  • Helping with community activities
  • Interacting with other student organizations
  • Connecting HR students with HR professionals through the mentoring program
  • Striving for and receiving the SHRM Superior Merit Award

Benefits of Joining SHRM

  • SHRM is the largest and most reliable HR information resource in the world
  • Network of over 250,000 members
  • Templates, job descriptions and the latest HR policies
  • Online training
  • Monthly Publications delivered to your email


Read our bylaws [PDF].

How to Become a SHRM Member

Membership applications are available through the SHRM Student Program page on the national SHRM website

Student Membership Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines

  • Cost: $49 per year
  • You are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Your coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management
  • Students holding any form of a current SHRM professional, associate, retired, global, or general membership are NOT ELIGIBLE to convert to student membership until their next renewal cycle

Find out about our mentoring program

If you are looking for more information, please contact SHRM Student Chapter and find us on facebook.

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