Creating a New Folder in OU Campus

If you will be uploading many files to a page, you may want to create a folder to keep them organized. In particular, you will want to keep any images or documents you upload organized. An approver must create a folder before it is available for use.

Follow these directions to create a new folder in OU Campus:

  1. From the content tab, navigate to the desired folder.

    Note: Images are stored in a folder called images and documents (e.g., PDF files) are stored in a folder called docs. Both of these folders can be found one level below the top in the directory structure or in the individual subdirectories, depending on your file structure setup.

    Uploading Files in OUCampus
  2. Click the new link in the top-right of the page.

    Uploading Files in OUCampus
  3. The choose page is displayed. Click the new folder link.

    Uploading Files in OUCampus
  4. The new folder window is displayed. Type the desired folder name in the name of new folder field.

    Note: The folder name must be a maximum of eight (8) lower case characters and not contains spaces or symbols.

  5. When you are finished, click the create button.

    Uploading Files in OUCampus
         Note: The new folder is now displayed in the appropriate folder in the directory structure.