Articles About Teaching and Supporting Students Remotely

This is a library of articles (organized by date) about how to support students, help yourself do a better job teaching online,  and new tools and techniques that are available.

12.1.2020 - Educause - Burned Out: Stories of Compassion Fatigue

11.23.2020 - Liberal Education: Association of American Colleges and Universities - How COVID-19 Turned Higher Ed Upside Down [PDF]

11.23.2020 - Educause - Rapid Professional Development

11.18.2020 - Educause - Engaging Faculty to Connect with Online Learners in Real Time

11.16.2020 - Educause - Prioritizing Strategies for a Better Transition to Remote Instruction

11.10.2020 - Educause - Communicating 360 Degrees

11.9.2020 - Educause - Accessibility Hazards on the Road to College

11.5.2020 - Educause - Play in the Time of COVID-19

11.4.2020 - Educause (Podcast) - The Impact of AI on Accessibility

11.3.2020 - Educause (Video) - The EDUCAUSE 2021 Top IT Issues

11.2.2020 - Educause - Top IT Issues, 2021: Emerging from the Pandemic

10.26.2020 - Educause - Cultivating a Disciplined, Creative Mind and Humane Instincts

10.23.2020 - Educause - Understanding and Supporting Student Access and Connectivity

10.19.2020 - Educause - 2020 Student Technology Report: Supporting the Whole Student

9.28.2020 - Educause - Creating Diverse Teams during a Time of Uncertainty

9.25.2020 - Educause - The New Normal: Fall Planning and Moving Higher Ed Online

9.14.2020 - Educause - Reimagining Online Education: How Perceived Constraints Became Affordances in an Undergraduate Online STEM Course

9.10.2020 - Educause - Dear Professors: Don't Let Student Webcams Trick You

9.8.2020 - Educause - Bichronous Online Learning: Blending Asynchronous and Synchronous Online Learning

9.8.2020 - Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures - Creating a Civic Minded Culture: A Publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (Vol. 22 No. 4). [PDF]

8.31.2020 - Educause - Creating Emotional Engagement in Online Learning

8.3.2020 - Educause - Upskilling Instructional Design Talent: Preparing for Quality Online Learning

7.29.2020 - Educause - What Incoming First-Year Students Want Online Learning to Be

7.24.2020 - Educause - Make Super Simple Videos for Teaching Online [video]

6.26.2020 - The Chronicle of Higher Education -June Issue (Vol. 66, No. 22). [PDF]

6.18.2020 - Liberal Education: Association of American Colleges and Universities - Democracy in Action [PDF]

6.15.2020 - Educause - Just-in-Time Online Tutoring: Supporting Learning Anywhere, Anytime

6.15.2020 Educause - Driving Digital Transformation in Higher Education

6.15.2020 Educause - Higher Ed: Ransomware Playbook

6.10.2020 EMU Today - Where do We Go From Here? A conversation with EMU professor Dr. Rema Reynolds about needed approaches and reforms in education and how to raise racial awareness and understanding.

6.9.2020 EMU Today - "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired":  A Reflection and Some Resources by Toni Pressley-Sanon, professor of Africology and African American Studies

6.9.2020 Peer Review - Faculty Development for Self-Renewal [PDF]

6.9.2020 Educause - A Data Practitioner's View on Synchronous Teaching and Student Success

6.8.2020 The Chronicle of Higher Education - Expanding the Digital Curriculum: How Colleges are Embedding high-tech skills to prepare students for tomorrow's jobs [PDF]

6.3.2020 Educause - The Moral Moments Project: Where Technology and Compassion Meet

6.1.2020 Educause - Leveraging Feedback Experiences in Online Learning

6.1.2020 Educause - ECAR Study of the Technology Needs of Students with Disabilities, 2020

5.28.2020 Educause - EDUCAUSE COVID-19 QuickPoll Results: Student Success Analytics

5.26.2020 Educause - Can HyFlex Options Support Students in the Midst of Uncertainty?

5.21.2020 Educause - 5 Tips for Moving from Remote Instruction to Quality Online Learning

5.18.2020 Educause - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Matters

5.18.2020 Educause - Mental Health in Higher Education: Can a Digital Strategy Help?

5.18.2020 Educause - Not in the Future—Now

5.14.2020 Educause - The New Normal: A Kinder, More Human Workplace

5.12.2020 Educause - Orienting Students to Online Learning: A Must for Student Success

5.1.2020 The Chronicle of Higher Education - Using Data to Understand Student Behavior [PDF]

4.25.2020 Best Practices in Online Learning for At-Risk Students [PDF]

4.21.2020 Educause - Using 360 Virtual Reality to Make Experiential Learning Accessible to All

4.19.2020 The Chronicle of Higher Education - What a "Holistic" Student Experience Actually Means [PDF]

3.27.20 Educause - The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning


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