General Education Assessment Learning Communities

Registration for Winter 2022

Faculty, Full-Time Lecturers, and Part-Time Lecturers who currently teach in or will be teaching in one of the three GE categories are eligible to apply for the General Education Assessment Learning Communities.  


The General Education Program is forming professional learning communities for each of its core categories. These learning communities will be persistent and are opportunities to share learning activities and enrich our GE teaching and learning practices at EMU. Our goal is to put in place the infrastructure for three new communities: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. These will join the existing communities for Quantitative Reasoning and Effective Communication (Speech and Writing).

Participants who persist in the learning community throughout the semester will receive $300 for their work as members of the community for Winter 2022. We expect that the commitment will be no more than eight meetings of roughly 75 minutes and some contributions to the learning community's organizing Canvas shell. We look forward to building a community for all of the categories, and we can't wait to hear your GE teaching and learning success stories.


  • Stephanie Casey, Professor of Mathematics Education
  • W. John Koolage, Professor of Philosophy and Director of General Education