General Education Professional Learning Communities

The General Education Program formed professional learning communities for each of its core categories. These learning communities were persistent and were opportunities to share learning activities and enrich our GE teaching and learning practices at EMU. Our goal was to put in place the infrastructure for three new communities: Global Awareness, US Diversity, and Arts. These joined the existing communities for Quantitative Reasoning, Effective Communication (Speech and Writing), Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

The General Education (GE) program at EMU formed professional learning communities for three GE categories: Global Awareness (GEGA), US Diversity (GEUS), and Arts (GEKA). The professional learning communities provided a space for instructors in each GE category to work collaboratively to improve the teaching and learning of their GE courses. Attention to the recently revised Student Learning Outcomes and assessment was highlighted in the communities' initial work. We also worked to develop a bank of learning activities that were aimed at generating helpful assessment artifacts.


  • Stephanie Casey, Professor of Mathematics Education
  • W. John Koolage, Professor of Philosophy and Director of General Education

We are happy to have built a community for all of the categories, we are happy to have heard your GE teaching and learning success stories.