New Faculty Orientation

The 2022-23 New Faculty Orientation was held on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022. Please check back for updates on the New Faculty Orientation for the 2023-24 school year. 


Through this program, we intend to give our new EMU faculty a warm and sincere welcome to the university by providing them with the necessary tools to build their career as a scholar, to support their students in the classroom, and to become an engaged citizen in our community. To learn more about what sessions were offered at the 2022-23 New Faculty Orientation, please view our morning and afternoon programs below. The morning program is typically somewhat of a "new hire" orientation while the afternoon more specifically addresses teaching and research issues. The morning session was co-hosted with EMU Human Resources.

View the 2022-23 New Faculty Orientation morning program here

View the 2022-23 New Faculty Orientation afternoon program here

To learn about more programming that we are offering to faculty this school year, please visit our Events page.

If you have any questions, please email the Faculty Development Center, and we will attempt to answer them.

Event Parking Information (IMPORTANT - please read)

As new instructors at EMU, you may register for your parking permit as of August 15 at the earliest. Please go to the website and select the "Staff/Faculty Permits" option within the "Permits" drop-down menu (shown below). Once successfully registering for your complementary permit, you may then park in the faculty/staff/commuter parking lots across campus. 
Please note that registering for your permit requires an active EMich Net ID and password, which will only be available to new instructors once Academic HR completes your hiring process within EMU's ERP system (Banner). If this process has not been completed by Academic HR, then you will be unable to log-in for your registration, and during this time if you park in staff/faculty/commuter parking lots on campus you may be subject to citation. If you are visiting campus prior to your parking permit being registered, you should park in the pay-by-the-hour guest lots around campus. If you are in the pay-by-the-hour guest lots, you may consider asking your department or Academic HR for a parking validation to help cover your parking expense.
Please note that if you have not been given a EMich Net ID and password, the ParkEMU staff will be unable to help you in obtaining a parking permit. The University manages the population for who can register for a faculty/staff parking permit, which is dependent upon Academic HR (or HR for staff) completing the hiring process within Banner. Please be patient with the ParkEMU staff while the hiring process is being completed by Academic HR.