Summer Book Discussion: Small Teaching


Small Teaching

What's one thing you can do differently that will change the educational experience in your classroom? That is the simple question we here at the FDC considered when starting our "Try One Thing" initiative. The idea behind Try One Thing is to acknowledge the exemplary job so many of us often do in the classroom. And it is also to acknowledge that no matter how well we might be doing in our teaching, there are always things we can do better. By suggesting you “Try One Thing,” we encourage you both to continue doing what you do well, and to also consider what may not be working. Is there one thing you might do differently to address a teaching challenge? Your work to thoughtfully consider your teaching, and to offer up your own solutions for others, will help us, collectively, serve our students better. 

In light of this initiative, the Faculty Development Center is proud to have hosted its inaugural Summer Book Discussion series, in which we expanded on these ideas. Jeffrey Bernstein and Ann Blakeslee held a three-part discussion of the book Small Teaching (second edition) by James M. Lang. In this book, Lang delves into strategies of small change that can be used to enhance student learning experiences. Readers learn how to help students excel at retrieving knowledge from memory and making meaningful connections to course content. Lang also presents ideas for how to build community and motivation in your classroom. We hope these discussions inspired all of us to reflect on our teaching and to implement small changes that will truly benefit our students. 

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Halle Library has purchased Small Teaching and it is available as an ebook

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