Equitable Educators Learning Community


The Equitable Educators Learning Community will bring together a group of educators who want to develop cultural humility and commit to creating inclusive spaces and equitable outcomes for students. Participants in this learning community will engage in self-reflection and work together to identify and implement equity-focused teaching practices.

Objectives for the Learning Community

  • Reflect on one’s own social identities and examine how they impact one’s role as an educator
  • Understand the impact of bias, discrimination, and prejudice on students’ success in higher education
  • Identify and implement principles for designing an equitable curriculum and creating an inclusive learning environment


Facilitator: Uttara Manohar (Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts)

Membership in this learning community is open to part-time lecturers, full-time lecturers, or faculty who are teaching during the 2022-23 academic year.

The learning community will meet for the 2022-23 academic year over ZOOM. Participation will entail attending eight meetings of roughly 75 minutes and some contributions to the learning community's Canvas website. Participants who persist in the learning community throughout the two semesters and develop a plan for implementing the lessons they learned in their classes will receive $400 for their work as members of this community.

The meeting dates and times for the learning community are:

Fall 2022

Friday, September 23rd, 10-11:15 AM

Friday, October 14th, 10-11:15 AM

Friday, November 18th, 10-11:15 AM

Friday, December 9th, 10-11:15 AM

Winter 2023

Friday, January 20th, 10-11:15 am

Friday, February 24th, 10-11:15 am

Friday, March 24th, 10-11:15 am

Friday, April 28th, 10-11:15 am