NCFDD Faculty Success Program


We are excited to announce a new opportunity for tenure-track or newly tenured faculty to apply to participate in the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program. The Faculty Success Program is a 12-week online program that assists newer faculty members in developing the skills necessary to increase research and writing productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

This program involves several different levels of support, including individual small group sessions, weekly training modules, accountability calls from NCFDD-Certified Coaches, and a time tracking system used to help you collect data regarding your own writing and research productivity.  As you can see from the quotes featured here, this is a potentially transformative program for the careers of EMU faculty.

Thanks to the support of the EMU Provost’s Office, we are able to sponsor up to six faculty members who wish to participate in this program. The spring session runs from January 21, 2024 to April 13, 2024. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please complete the form linked below.  Applications are due on Monday, September 18; we anticipate letting people know of the status of their application within about three weeks from that point.  All faculty are eligible to apply; we will give preference to assistant and associate professors in awarding these fellowships.

Faculty who participate in this program will be expected to pay it forward by offering programming on campus, through the auspices of the Faculty Development Center, during the 2024-25 academic year.  These programs could include running a faculty learning community, hosting a series of programs, and/or preparing and providing significant resources to be used by other EMU faculty.  The goal will be to take what you have learned and seed other learning opportunities on campus.

For more information about this program, please visit the NCFDD website. You can also view their Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have questions that are directed to the Faculty Development Center, please email us at [email protected].

Apply for this Opportunity

“I participated in NCFDD's Faculty Success Program (AKA Bootcamp) after I earned tenure and promotion.  It was a fabulous experience!  I wish I had participated in my pre-tenure years.  It would have impacted my entire trajectory as a scholar.  The program has had such an influence on my scholarly productivity.  I learned invaluable lessons on strategically planning my scholarship; the importance of a daily writing practice and how to establish it; accountability strategies; how to lean into mentors and champions; how to address the mental/emotional aspects of writing, such as imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs; and so much more.  I am still connected to the folks from my small group.  They are true friends and valued supporters.  I cannot say enough about the benefits of this program!” - Dr. Kim Hewitt, Professor and Department Head of Leadership and Counseling at EMU

"One of the highlights of NCFDD participation is access to their extensive library of online workshops and webinars.  As a participant you can search the library for content that pertains to teaching, research, and service.  For me, a lot of the teaching strategies that I learned through the NCFDD have been useful in designing courses efficiently and effectively." -Dr. Kimberly L. Barrett, Associate Professor of Criminology