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Main phone number: 734.487.0020. All numbers begin with 734.487-.

Library staff and faculty
Employee Title Email Extension Office
Archer, Jonathan Library Assistant 7.2557 120
Badics, Joe Acquisitions Librarian 7.2402 G20C
Barnes, Michael Cataloging/Metadata Librarian 7.6571 G02B
Blackmon, Terry Library Technical Distribution Specialist 7.1958 G17
Boyst, Brooke Library Assistant 7.2566 200
Braun Marks, Alexis Archivist 7.2594 310
Browning, Diane Library Associate 7.2540 114B
Bucciarelli, Elizabeth Health Sciences Librarian 7.2506 103E
Crispell, Jason Library Master Technician 7.1932 G17
Davis, Amber Library Associate 7.2564 310
Fabian, Sarah First Year Experience Librarian 7.2631 121A
Fly, Monica Office Supervisor 7.2570 200
Fowler, Rhonda University Librarian 7.2587 200
Getz (Grossmann), Kelly STEM Librarian 7.2504 103C
Gray, Suzanne Women's & Gender Studies - Writing Across the Curriculum 7.2517 100F
Halton, Alistair Library Assistant 7.2555 120
Hamel, Shannon Library Associate 7.2579 209
Hanley, Scott Lecturer 7.2582 100H
Hula, DAnne Library Associate 7.2302 G20
Klopfer, Lisa Librarian 7.2521 103F
Marino, William Online Learning Librarian 7.2514 103G
Mason, Kathie Collections Librarian 7.2541 G02A
Memmott, Sara Information Services Librarian 7.2511 100D
Nims, Julia Scholarly Communications Librarian 7.2507 100B
Pepper, Elizabeth Lecturer 7.2510 100H
Piach, Robin Library Assistant 7.2451 100B/214
Pittsley-Sousa, Kate Education Librarian 7.2508 100E
Powers, Andrew Library Assistant 7.2314 G20
Rady, Patrick System Specialist 7.1776 103A
Rogers-Collins, Karen Librarian 7.2586 209A
Shumaker, Michael Library Assistant 7.2556 120
Sietz, Brad Lecturer 7.2563 103H
Singer, Amy Manager, Library Administrative Services 7.2577 200
Smallwood, Carol Library Associate 7.2186 200A
Stanger, Keith Information Services Librarian 7.2509 100G
Stevens, Robert Humanities Librarian 7.2513 209B
Thomas, Marlene A. Library Assistant 7.2197 G20
Wrosch, Jackie Systems Librarian 7.2516 121A
Younglove, Sarah Library Associate 7.1825 G02
Yunker, Amelia Graduate Assistant   100

Halle Library, 955 W. Circle Dr, Ypsilanti MI, USA 48197 Phone:734.487.0020