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Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

University Library Mission Statement

Serving as an intellectual and community center for Eastern Michigan University, the EMU Library maintains both a welcoming and accessible facility and a dynamic virtual presence. We support the teaching, lifelong learning, scholarship and creative activity of EMU’s students, faculty and staff. We select, organize, preserve, and provide access to information in all its forms. The Library upholds professional values of free access to information, intellectual freedom, accessibility for all users, and privacy of information use.

University Library Vision Statements

  1. The library serves as a center for intellectual discovery and inquiry at EMU, as well as a repository and archive for the products of EMU scholarly and creative effort.
  2. The library is positioned as a key partner in provision of leading edge information and instructional technologies to support the educational mission and goals of the campus.
  3. The library manages an increasingly complex collection of both electronic and physical content to support the curriculum and research needs of the EMU community.
  4. The library maintains a dynamic online presence that serves as a gateway to library services and resources.
  5.  The library provides a student-centered facility that enhances and supports teaching, learning and collaboration.
  6. The library supports information literacy in partnership with teaching faculty to promote student success.
  7. The library provides exceptional, proactive, personalized customer service.
  8. The library employs liaison relationships, promotional opportunities and campus information exchange venues to ensure that faculty and students are aware of the library's services and collections.
  9. The library’s collaborative work environment brings out the talents of library faculty and staff.
  10. The library collaborates with libraries and other organizations in Michigan and beyond to maximize services and collections.
  11. The library balances visionary aspirations with fiscal realities in selecting resources and technological innovation to bring to campus.

June 7, 2013

Eastern Michigan University Mission, Vision, and Values



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