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Acceptable Behavior for Library Users

I. Principles

A. The Library strives to provide a comfortable and safe environment that is conducive for study and research and that protects library resources and facilities. All library users are expected to conduct themselves in ways that contribute positively to this environment. Library users are expected to show respect and consideration for other library users and library staff. Library users are expected to act responsibly, courteously and appropriately.

B. Library users who are disturbed by individuals or groups who violate this policy are encouraged to approach those individuals or groups and ask them politely to modify their behavior. Library users are encouraged to report concerns about behavior to library staff, who will assist in enforcing the policy when necessary. Library users are encouraged to call Public Safety directly if they feel unsafe.

C. Library users are expected to comply with

  • all applicable federal, state and local laws,
  • the University Student Conduct Code,
  • the EMU Information Technology and Merit Acceptable User Policy,
  • other University codes of behavior, and
  • specific library policies.

II. Categories of Behavior

A. Behaviors that interfere with or impede the use of library resources, instruction and services by others are prohibited. For example:

  • Creating excessive noise in any area of the library or creating unnecessary noise in quiet and silent study areas
  • Creating a disturbance
  • Engaging in unwanted communication or contact with others
  • Use of a cell phone outside of designated area; use of musical instruments or electronic devices that create excessive noise
  • Physically thwarting another user's ability to use the library resources or facility
  • Annoying others while they are trying to read or study
  • Soliciting goods, services, or donations; canvassing, or attempting to make sales without authorization
  • Petitioning or conducting surveys without authorization
  • Concealing library materials for the exclusive use of an individual or group or monopolizing library spaces or equipment

B. Behaviors that interfere with the operation of the library or that are likely to damage library resources or facilities are prohibited. For example:

  • Damaging, vandalizing, or defacing library materials, furniture, equipment, or other property
  • Refusing to leave at closing or when directed to leave for emergency or other reasons
  • Ignoring the directives of library staff
  • Refusing to present bags or briefcases for inspection when requested
  • Loitering
  • Posting of notices, signs, etc. without authorization
  • Verbally or physically abusing, intimidating, stalking, or harassing staff or other users
  • Consuming food or beverages beyond the approved guidelines or improper disposal of food or drink
  • Failure to comply with copyright guidelines
  • Misuse of computers and other equipment
  • Using library facilities inappropriately, such as putting coverings over windows.

C. Behaviors that endanger or threaten others are prohibited. For example:

  • Threatening users either verbally or with potential weapons
  • Obstructing stairways, aisles or entrances/exits
  • Use of bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards or other recreational wheeled vehicles in the building
  • Entering non-public areas of the library
  • Unauthorized use of library staff equipment
  • Opening emergency exits or engaging emergency alarms when there is no emergency
  • Bringing animals into the library, with the exception of University­ authorized animals, such as service animals

III. Violations and Sanctions

A. Library users who fail to comply with this policy may be asked to leave the premises and may have their library privileges suspended or revoked.

B. Repeated or egregious offenses may be referred to the EMU Department of Public Safety or Office of Student Conduct for further sanctions or legal action.

IV. Exceptions

A. The Library reserves the right to temporarily suspend these policies, as appropriate, in order to accommodate events sponsored by the Library or the University.

B. Users with special medical needs or other circumstances are encouraged to request an exception from these policies from the Library Administration office.

Questions should be directed to Library Administration.

March 25, 2015


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