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Access Policy for People with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities will have access to the University Library's resources and services comparable to that extended to other persons eligible to use them.

The library will actively contribute to facilitating such readers' independence to take full advantage of the library's offerings. The University Library is committed to providing equal access for all people who wish to use the library and its collection. We provide adaptive technologies wherever possible to facilitate the independent use of library resources and to provide staff assistance otherwise.

See Library Services for a current list of available services and equipment

The library staff will make good faith efforts to accommodate requests for assistance in obtaining, accessing, and making use of library resources, materials, and services. We can most easily accommodate those who plan in advance. Call Library Administration, 734-487-0020, to make arrangements.

Effective date: April 16, 2015

Direct questions about this policy to: Library Administration


Halle Library, 955 W. Circle Dr, Ypsilanti MI, USA 48197 Phone:734.487.0020