Working with Assets: Galleries

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Find the page with the gallery you would like to edit. Log into that page by clicking the small lock icon in the footer of the page. Click the "Edit" button. You must now find the name of the gallery asset. You will do this by either clicking the green "Main Content" or clicking the orange "Multiedit" button.

step one

2. The information you are looking for is what follows the ASSET. In the example below, it would be "Art - Undergraduate Work".

step two

3. Once you have the name of the gallery, click "content" in the blue bar at the top of the page. Then click "assets".

step three

4. Type the name of the gallery asset in the search bar at the top. Then click the gallery when it appears in the search results.

Step four


5. Click the light bulb to check out the gallery, then click on the "edit" button.

step five

6. Click "add" at the bottom of the images.

step seven

7. Choose your image. Add a title, description and your caption. Click open, then save.


Step six

8. Click "publish".

Step eight

9. Click "publish" again.

Step nine

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