Send a Page for Approval in OU Campus

Approval is required prior to publishing a web page, an approval submit button will be displayed above the opened page.

Follow these directions to send a page for approval in OU Campus:

  1. From the opened page, click the publish button and select submit for approval button.

    Sending a Page for approval in OUCampus
  2. A mail window is displayed. The to field displays the my.emich username of the designated approver. Type "Web Page Approval Requested" in the subject field.

  3. Type "Please review and approve the web page referenced in this message" in the message field.

  4. Verify the send copy to email checkbox is checked.

  5. Click the submit button.Sending a page for approval in OUCampus
  6. An email message is sent to the approver.

Sending a Page for approval in OUCampus

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