APC Services

Drop-in research and technology assistance are available in the The APC. 

Writing Consultation, technology assistance and research help are the standard services available at the Academic Projects Center on a drop-in basis. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, writing assistance is not currently available in the APC on a drop-in basis.

Current services offered in the APC include the following:  

Research Help

Librarians are available to help with the research component of a project. Areas of assistance include:

  • Getting started with research
  • Identifying appropriate databases
  • Developing search strategies
  • Using library tools – catalog, databases, Find Text+, Zotero
  • Locating scholarly journal articles

Technology Assistance

We can help you learn the basics of the information technology needed to produce or disseminate a project. These include: 

  • Using Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Converting documents from Microsoft Word to Adobe PDF format
  • Using Google Apps for Education at EMU (email, calendar)
  • Preparing a poster for printing on the large format printer in the Halle Library
  • Using the Canvas Course Management System

Writing Consultation

Currently, all in-person and online writing assistance will be available on an appointment basis through the University Writing Center. Writing consultants will provide feedback on conventions of papers including content, structure, organization, and syntax and mechanics.

Presentation Rehearsal Space  

A private room with a projector and computer is available for .5 hour reservations. The space is available to students practicing group or individual presentations. Reservations can be made in person or by phone. 

A private room with a projector and computer is available for half-hour reservations from 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Thursday. The space is available to students practicing small group or individual presentations. 

The room is equipped with a video camera that allows students to record their presentations and upload them to You Tube, Facebook, or save them to a flash drive. Instructions for using the room's technology [PDF] are available for download. Wireless presenters are also available for checkout through the Library.

This space has been funded through a generous gift from the estate of Norman A. and Isabel H. Cosgrove. If you are interested in advancing the mission of the Academic Projects Center, please visit the EMU Foundation's page and use the fund code 01839 - Library Academic Projects Center Expendable Fund.

Since many of the projects or papers assigned to students contain a component for research, writing and production or dissemination that involves information technology, providing a single location for students to receive help with all the components of an assignment will enhance student learning in these areas.

Appropriate referrals to more in-depth assistance available through the University Library will be provided to those whose projects require assistance beyond the current offerings available through the Center.