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Instructional Services for Faculty

Many students encounter challenges associated with the complex work of college-level research. Currently, there is not a required class in the General Education curriculum that insures that students will develop these critical abilities in their first years. Library faculty work with disciplinary faculty to integrate information literacy across their programs of study to insure that students succeed academically and as lifelong learners post graduation.

Our Services for Faculty

The Halle Library strives to develop students’ skills in finding, evaluating, and effectively using information through a variety of instructional services. Librarians also offer these opportunities for collaboration to departmental faculty:

  • Librarians collaborate with faculty to integrate library and information literacy instruction into courses that contain a significant research component or that require the use of specialized resources.
  • Librarians serve as guest lecturers to teach basic research skills for a specific course or assignment. These sessions can be customized to meet the needs of your class.
  • Librarians collaborate in the development or review of research-related assignments and can also provide input on making assignments more effective.
  • Librarians develop research guides that provide a customized web page for students to access relevant research materials for a specific course.
  • Librarians consult with departments to assist in determining which classes in a program might best feature research components. Librarians can also assist in the development of curriculum so that students can build their research skills as they move through a program.
  • Faculty Resources & Services lists additional library links for faculty.


To arrange for course-related library instruction, faculty can:

Please schedule class sessions well in advance to have a better chance of getting desired dates and times.


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