Elva Mae Nicholson Organic Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a top chemistry major in the organic area with demonstrated financial need.

Elva Mae Nicholson

A photo of Elva Mae Nicholson.
A photo of Elva Mae Nicholson.


Professor Elva Mae Nicholson taught chemistry and biochemistry in the EMU Chemistry Department for 34 years, retiring in 2005.  She was a well-liked professor, known as a kind and caring teacher and no-nonsense evaluator.  Dr. Nicholson earned her BS at Bucknell, an MS at Radcliffe, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Harvard in 1965.  She immediately took a job as an industrial chemist for duPont at the Experimental Station in Delaware.  In 1972, she joined the Chemistry Department at EMU.  Dr. Nicholson has served as Chemistry's undergraduate student adviser for many years.  In that capacity, she welcomed new students and was personally responsible for having attracted many chemistry majors.  She also cared for all the faculty and staff in the Chemistry Department, noticing who was especially stressed or overburdened and proposed solutions for easing the load.  She had an excellent memory for past events and a keen sense of fairness.  Many Chemistry Department policies were developed under her critical, fair-minded, and far-seeing eye.  Her work has helped to shape the department's personality and her impact will be felt for many years to come.

This scholarship was established by Dr. David Jadwin in recognition of and gratitude for Dr. Nicholson's long service to Eastern Michigan University and her inspired education of students in the Department of Chemistry.  In 1976 he was one of those anxious students awaiting Dr. Nicholson's course; a course that helped shape a personal career of professional challenges and problem solving.  This scholarship is an offering of gratitude for the education and training in chemistry that he received from Eastern Michigan University, particularly enlightened by Dr. Nicholson's uncompromising dedication to teaching excellence.


  • 2022 - Panida Khuansanguan
  • 2021 - Nadia Silvia
  • 2020 - Audrey Salsido
  • 2019 - Sara Baghdadi
  • 2018 - Terrence Stahl
  • 2017 - Patrick Catton
  • 2016 - Hannah Gadola
  • 2015 - Andrew Durden
  • 2014 - RaKeenja S. Fluellen
  • 2013 - Cristian V. Chirosca
  • 2012 - Joseph G. Suspeck
  • 2011 - Hector E. Figueroa
  • 2010 - Tiffiny M. Micyus
  • 2009 - Heesung Jin
  • 2008 - Kristi L. Henricks
  • 2007 - Jennifer J. Vogel
  • 2006 - Bryan G. Perria