Master of Science Programs Student Survey Placement Data
(July 2022–June 2023)

88% of respondents reported that they had received a new job or continued employment with their current employer upon graduating from Master of Science programs. Over 94% of graduates graduates were employed in a field related to their degree and 88% of those reporting new employment had a job before or within three months after graduation.

Placement Summary

Employment in Field Related to Degree

Employment Offer

Average Salary and Actual Job Titles by Major

Accounting - $67,500

  • Audit Assistant
  • AT Tax Assistant
  • Senior Accountant

Taxation - $75,000

  • Tax Consultant

Human Resources and Organizational Development - $82,500

  • Human Resourse Business Partner
  • Supervisor Recruiting Operations
  • HR Compliance
  • Training and Communications Lead

Integrated Marketing Communications - $95,000

  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate
  • Engagement and Marketing

Finance - $75,000

  • Senior Auditor
  • Portfolio Investment Analyst
  • Investment Analyst

The average reported salary for all College of Business graduates is $78,900.

The majority of Eastern Michigan University College of Business undergraduates remain in the State of Michigan. Graduates are employed in a variety of industries with a large portion finding employment in the Business Professional Services industry.

Industries of Employment

Location of Employment

Other: North Carolina, Illinois.

(Based on 27% response rate from all undergraduates)